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What Does Your Interior Say About Your Business?

September 13, 2021

When you are trying to build company identity and tell the public—as well as your employees—exactly what it is you do, you could focus on the words. Another, more immediate and bolder route, would be to convey your identity through space itself.

Wondering what kinds of styles you can try? We will walk you through some of the top design types out there.

The Best Colors to Use for Business Signs

May 27, 2021

Signs are important to a business.Whether indoor or outdoor, signage sends a message to customers and providesincredible impact. To achieve a positive influence, a business owner should beprepared to choose the most ideal colors to grab attention while stillrepresenting the business.

Conference Room Turned Centerpiece

May 27, 2021

One of our top customers is an International Real Estate Management company that manages some of country’s highest profile buildings, and the building photographed above is no exception. For this specific project, we were able print and contour cut etched glass vinyl to create a stunning graphics display for their Mezanine Floor Conference Room. This specific conference room resides in their Tenant Lobby, so it acts as a focal point on the floor, and always has a pair of eyes on it. Our graphic designers, production team, and installation crew, were able to work directly with our customer, and transform their conference room into a centerpiece.

Stand Out & Stand Off

May 27, 2021

Your company conference room is another opportunity to creatively brand your business. The conference room is a place where company executives, existing customers, and potential clients, all meet to talk business. The conference room is another place where you can make an impressive impression, for a price that works for you.This particular customer wanted a sign with dimension, which incorporated their logo, but was able to conceal the cinder block behind...

Signage Takeover!

May 27, 2021

This year, we had the opportunity to produce and install all of the signage for Cushman & Wakefield’s 2016 Symposium; a large conference for their staff at the Marriot Chicago Downtown.These projects are so fun, because we are able to completely brand and transform an entire hotel with branded signage. The goal of these “Signage Takeovers” is for the staff at C & W to see the work that their company does to invest in them, and branding every nook and cr...