Stand Out & Stand Off

Stand Out & Stand Off

Your company conference room is another opportunity to creatively brand your business. The conference room is a place where company executives, existing customers, and potential clients, all meet to talk business. The conference room is another place where you can make an impressive impression, for a price that works for you.

This particular customer wanted a conference room sign with dimension, which incorporated their logo, but was able to conceal the cinder block behind it. The perfect sign for these criterion was an acrylic wall sign. So just how did we meet these criterion?

1. A Sign with Dimension. Using brushed silver aluminum standoffs in each corner, we were able to raise this sign off of the wall 1”. Standoffs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If silver is not your preference, there are many different color variations and finishes to choose from. If standoff distance is your concern, you can choose any distance between ¼” -2” and beyond.

2. Incorporated their Logo. On the first surface of the acrylic, we installed a full color, contour cut and laminated, vinyl logo. As can be seen, this is a sharp looking and cost effective way to incorporate your logo on to an interior wall sign. Our printers can print vibrant and rich colors that can bring your logo to life, at a price that fits into any budget.

3. Conceal the Cinder block Behind it. Our customer wasn’t crazy about the look that their cinder block wall created, and was looking for a creative way to keep the blocks from showing through the clear acrylic. To solve this problem we installed a piece of etched glass vinyl on the second surface of the acrylic, which gave the sign a sleek “smoked” look, and just enough opacity to diffuse the cinder block.

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December 30, 2015


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