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Exterior signage does more than tell the public where you are, it tells them who you are.  At Divine Signs and Graphics, we can design, produce, and install all types of exterior signage for businesses in Schaumburg, IL. We will work with you and your village to ensure that you get the outdoor business signs you want, when you want them.  We can design and install a range of outside signs including illuminated channel letters and light boxes, ground signs, custom metal signs, plaza signs, sandblasted signs, parking lot signage, job site signs, wall signs, entrance signs, dimensional letters, and much more.

The sign on the front of the building should say more than the name of your business; it should reflect your brand and the personality of your business.  Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics will help you design and create an outdoor business sign that practically jumps off the building or signpost. We can incorporate your font, colors, and logo into a crisp design and provide expert installation so that your sign looks clean and professional.

Schaumburg Exterior Signage

We can design and install many different types of outdoor business signs and incorporate your colors, font, logo, and related graphics into the design.  Your exterior signage can contain your business name, motto, and any other message you would like your customers or visitors to see as they enter your building.

We can help design, build, and install the following types of exterior signage:

  • Outdoor lighted business signs: Lighted business signs are the most common type of entrance signs because they can be seen any time of the day.  We can design and create lighted signs consisting of metal channel letters with lighting in each individual letter.  We can also create light boxes in which lettering and graphics are put on the face of a lit box.  You have a lot of freedom when it comes to these signs as we can incorporate the font and colors of your branding and even create signage with your logo and other graphics.
  • Outdoor wall signs and plaques: We can create outdoor wall signs similar to our lighted signs but without the lighting in the lettering.  The individual letters of your sign will be created with your font and color and installed with precision for a professional look.  We can also design and create outdoor wall plaques that include information that you want to convey to your customers or visitors.
  • Ground signs: Ground signs are free-standing signs that are typically installed in the ground with concrete footers.  They can be made of stone, metal, or wood and lettering is typically installed onto the sign in the form of metal or plastic letters or decals. You have many design options with ground signs including the shape and material of the sign itself as well as the lettering and graphics to go on the sign.  You can also utilize both the front and back of these signs.
  • Monument signs: Monument signs are similar to ground signs in that they are free standing signs, but these signs are low to the ground and often constructed from stone, masonry, metal, or concrete.  These signs are often used as entrance signs to parking lots and plazas and their design is typically cohesive with other outdoor signs of a particular business.  We can design and build monument signs from several different materials and create lettering and graphics that fit your branding to go on the signs.
  • Sandblasted signs: Sandblasted signs are signs that are created with a sandblasting process that carves and etches lettering and designs into the surface.  These signs are usually made from wood and stone and the designs are clear and precise. Our professionals can assist you with the design and create the sign with the sandblasting process.
  • Plaza signs: Signs at the entrance of plazas and strip malls typically include signage for each of the business tenants.  We can help design and create plaza signs in various styles that include signage for all tenant businesses.

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If you need an outdoor business sign for your building or parking lot in Schaumburg, IL, Divine Signs and Graphics offers a wide range of exterior signage types with virtually limitless design possibilities.  

You can reach us at 847-534-9220 to start discussing your outdoor sign project with our experts.

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