Outdoor Business Signs in Elk Grove Village, IL

Exterior signage is an important way to communicate your business with the public.  Through the use of effective outdoor signage, you can not only make people aware of where your business resides, but also what your business services entail.  

Divine Signs and Graphics is professionally skilled and experienced in designing, constructing, and installing various kinds of exterior signage for businesses in Elk Grove Village, IL.  The different types of outside signs that we are able to design and install include ground signs, parking lot signage, custom metal signs, entrance signs, job site signs, plaza signs, channel letters and light boxes, dimensional letters, sandblasted signs, and many more!

When designing outdoor signs for the main entrance to your building, the sign should clearly state the name of your business as well as reflect the main concept.  Divine Signs and Graphics is prepared to assist you throughout the entire process from designing to professionally installing your outdoor business sign.  We can mix and match a variety of colors and fonts with your logo to really make your sign stand out.  We will ensure that your sign looks professional, clean, and clear.

Elk Grove Village Exterior Signage

Our sign company can create and install custom exterior signage for your business when and where you need it.  In addition to your business name and logo, some key elements you may want to include on your outdoor business signs can be a business motto or message that your company would like to share.

We are able to assist in designing, building and installing different kinds of exterior signage, including:

  • Outdoor lighted business signs:   Outdoor signs, such as lighted business signs, are widely popular because they are easily visible at any time throughout the day. Our professionals can emphasize each letter in the lighted sign by using metal channel letters with effective lighting. Placing lettering and graphics on the front of a lit sign box is another way that we can create clear and professional outdoor lighted business signs.
  • Outdoor wall signs and plaques:  Similar to lighted signs, outdoor wall signs can be created to communicate your business to the public, but without the lights.  We can creatively combined different colors and fonts to your business name or logo to produce an effectively eye-catching outdoor wall sign. Outdoor wall plaques can be created to convey a motto, quote or other important message that you would like to share to visitors and customers.
  • Ground signs:  A free-standing sign that isn’t held up by securing a foundation or support structure is called a ground sign.  These signs are primarily installed into the ground and with a concrete footer.  Ground signs can be constructed out of metal, wood, or stone.  In addition to the customizing of the actual signage, the shape and material used to create the sign can also be customized.
  • Monument signs:  Similar to ground signs, monument signs are also free-standing signs except that they are built much lower to the ground. Monument signs are commonly created from masonry, concrete, stone or metal materials. Popular use for this type of outdoor signage is for entrance signs to plazas and parking lots.
  • Sandblasted signs:  Sandblasted signs are signs constructed by using a sandblasting method.  Sandblasting uses carving and etching to decorate the surface of stone or wood.
  • Plaza signs:  Plaza signs are commonly used in shared office spaces or strip malls.  It is a good way to direct the customer to your office location.

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