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Monument signs, also known as ground signs, are free standing signs that are typically put at the entrance of the parking lot for businesses and corporate centers as well as other buildings like schools, churches, and apartment buildings.  These signs can be made of brick, stone, marble, metal or concrete and they can have a simple or elegant design to welcome your customers or visitors.  

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we will help you design and build a monument sign for your business in Schaumburg, IL. We can build unique monument signs for businesses made from a wide range of materials that will greet your customers or visitors as they arrive on your property.  Our designers will work with you to create a monument sign that looks elegant and professional and captures the branding and personality of your business or institution.

Ground Signs in Schaumburg, IL

Ground signs are used by many different types of businesses and institutions and they can be made in many different styles and materials to impress your guests.  You have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to monument signs as they can be made from concrete, masonry, stone, or metal of various styles and colors, and we can also create illuminated monument signs so they can be seen easily at night. We can help you decide on the materials for your monument sign based on your initial concept and budget and design the lettering and graphics for your sign to match the branding of your business.

These signs will be installed directly on the ground at eye level which means that a sharp design will really catch the attention of your customers or visitors.  The materials that these signs are made from are very durable and resistant to damage from the weather, making these signs a sound investment for your business.  

Monument Signs for Plaza and Multi-Tenant Buildings

Monument signs are ideal for standalone businesses as well as plazas, strip malls, and corporate centers that consist of multiple businesses.  At Divine Signs and Graphics, we can help design and build multi-tenant monument signs that include signage for each of the tenants in a facility, strip mall, or plaza.  We will ensure each tenant’s sign is branded for their businesses and that they are large enough to be visible to passing cars on the street.

Custom Monument Signs within Your Budget

With the options you have for monument signs, including the materials of the sign itself and the lettering and graphics on the sign, it is possible to make a monument sign that fits any budget. Our professionals will work with you to choose the materials for the sign that will fit your design concept and convey your branding and message while working within your budget.  We have options for various budgets as well as create a long-lasting, eye-catching design that will greet your customers and visitors for years to come.

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