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Your outdoor signage is a reflection of your business or institution that tells people who you are and where they can find you. At Divine Signs and Graphics, we provide outdoor business signs in Palatine, IL that includes the design, production, and installation of outside signs.  Our professionals will work with you to understand your needs for exterior signage as well as work with the village to ensure your signs are installed according to village codes and regulations.  We can help produce and install many different types of exterior signage including custom metal signs, entrance signs, plaza signs, ground signs, sandblasted signs, job site signs, parking lot signs, wall signs, entrance signs, dimensional letters, illuminated channel letters and light boxes, and more.

Your exterior signage should be more than just letters that say your business name; it should convey the image and personality of your brand.  You can work with our sign company to help develop and finalize a design for your outside signs that not only portrays who you areas a company or institution, but also grabs the attention of those who see it.  We will ensure the final design includes the colors, font, and logo of your branding and your signs will look clean and professional after our installation.

Fox Run Golf Links Exterior Sign

Palatine Exterior Signage

Our professionals can help create a design that includes all of the elements of your branding, such as color, font, logo, and graphics, for any type of outdoor sign.  Your outdoor signs can include the information you want your customers or visitors to see when they first arrive, whether it is your business name, motto, or other information.

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we design, build, and install the following types of outdoor business signs:

  • Outdoor lighted business signs: Lighted business signs are often used as entrance signs because they are visible during the day and at night.  We offer two different outdoor lighted signs, including channel letters in which each letter is lit up and light boxes in which lettering and graphics are put on the face of a lit box.  For both options, we can help create a design that incorporates your branding, logo, and additional graphics.
  • Outdoor wall signs and plaques: The non-lit outdoor wall signs we offer include signs consisting of individual letters and graphics and outdoor wall plaques. With both options, we can create a design that includes the font and colors of your branding and the installation will look professional and precise.  Outdoor wall plaques can include any graphics and lettering to convey the information you want your visitors to know.
  • Ground signs: Ground signs are signs that are installed in the ground and stand freely. These signs can be made from a variety of different materials including wood, metal, or stone and they are secured in the ground with a concrete footer.  Lettering and graphics made from plastic or metal can be added to these signs and the design can be carved into wooden signs. You can choose the design including the lettering and graphics as well as the material, size, and shape of the sign itself.
  • Monument sign: Monument signs are also free-standing signs that are installed low to the ground and they are made from strong, durable materials like metal, concrete, masonry, and stone.  These signs are found at parking lot entrances and plazas and are usually designed to be cohesive with a company’s branding or with the design of other signs within a plaza.  Our professionals can make monument signs of different materials and create lettering and graphics that are cohesive with your branding.
  • Sandblasted signs: Our sandblasted signs are made using a sandblasting process in which lettering and images are carved and etched directly on the surface of the sign.  This process is most effective on wood and stone surfaces as the etchings look clean and precise.  We can help you create a design that our professionals can sandblast onto a wooden or stone sign.
  • Plaza signs: Entrance signs at plazas and strip malls usually have multiple spaces on them for each business tenant.  Our professionals can help design multi-tenant plaza signs as well as the individual signs for each business.
101 Corporate Center of DuPage Outdoor Business Sign

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Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics are ready to help you create appealing, professional outdoor business signs that will grab the attention of your visitors and customers.  We offer a variety of different types of exterior signage and you have a lot of creative leeway with the design.  

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