ADA Signs in Palatine, IL

In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed to ensure Americans with disabilities do not face discrimination in schooling, employment, transportation, and other commercial and public services.  The purpose of this law is to make sure disabled Americans are properly accommodated so they have the same rights and opportunities as all Americans.  The ADA includes five titles that protect disabled Americans when it comes to employment, government services, telecommunications, accommodations in public and commercial buildings, and others.


ADA Signs in Palatine, IL

All businesses must be in compliance with Title III of the ADA to accommodate disabled people within their property. To ensure compliance, you need to have ADA signs that feature braille and tactile characters throughout your building to label restrooms, stairways, offices, exits, and other areas. Divine Signs and Graphics makes and installs custom ADA signs to help businesses in Palatine, IL stay in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Our sign makers will inspect your office or building with you to identify where you need ADA signs to be in compliance with the law. We will then work with you to design your ADA signs with a consistent design that incorporates the branding of your business or institution.  Our ADA signs can be made from different materials and include a variety of colors and fonts.  The braille and tactile characters on these signs will help those who are visually impaired navigate your building.

Importance of ADA Braille Signs and Tactile Signs

By law, your building must be compliant with the ADA and include the proper signage or it is considered a civil rights violation. Businesses that violate the ADA can be fined tens of thousands of dollars and they are vulnerable to lawsuits. Each municipality may differ slightly with their ADA requirements, so it is important for businesses in Palatine, IL to be familiar with the local ADA requirements.

Putting ADA restroom signs throughout your property is not enough to be compliant as the signs themselves must meet the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  These standards cover the size of the signs, font, location, mounting height, color contrast, character size, tactile characters, and overall design.  Our professionals are familiar with these guidelines and will make sure your ADA signs are compliant with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  If you have a design concept for your ADA sign in mind, we can adjust the design to be compliant with these guidelines.


Tactile and Braille Signs for the Visually Impaired

ADA signs are necessary to help those who are visually impaired navigate your building and find offices, suites, restrooms, exits, stairways, etc.  Your ADA signs must feature braille as well as tactile characters to be in compliance. Tactile characters are traditional letters and numbers that are raised so those who are visually impaired can read the sign by touching the characters.

Our professionals will ensure your custom ADA signs are compliant with braille and tactile characters and they are installed in the right areas of your office or building.  We will also adjust your design so it is high contrast, making the signs easier to read.

ADA Sign Services in Palatine, IL

If you need ADA signs for your office or building, Divine Signs and Graphics can assist with the design, printing, and installation of ADA-compliant signage.  We will also install your ADA signs in the right locations so your business is ADA-compliant.

You can work with Divine Signs and Graphics if you need the following ADA signs:

  • Handicap restroom signs
  • ADA restroom signs
  • Tactile and braille exit signs
  • Stairway signs
  • Room labels
  • ADA parking signs

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Make sure your business in Palatine, IL is ADA-compliant by working with Divine Signs and Graphics for your custom ADA signs. We will make sure the design of your ADA signs is in compliance with the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

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