ADA Signs in Arlington Heights, IL

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was made official in 1990 in order to help accommodate and protect Americans who are disabled.  Its purpose is to prevent the discrimination of disabled persons in public service areas and to ensure they provided the same rights as others.

ADA Signs in Arlington Heights, IL

Title III of the ADA states that businesses must have ADA compliant signs throughout the building to aid people with disabilities inside your facility. Examples of ADA signs include signs for stairs, restroom signs, room labels, and exit signs that contain raised tactile and braille characters.  Divine Signs and Graphics can design and install ADA signs that are ADA compliant for your business in Arlington Heights, IL.

Our professional designers and sign makers will advise you on how to be ADA compliant and create an ADA sign that seamlessly flows with your company’s existing branding and logo.  We use various colors, fonts, and materials in the design of your ADA signs. We also create ADA signs with braille and tactile characters to accommodate visitors who may be visually impaired.

The Importance of Compliant ADA Braille Signs

To be non-compliant with the ADA is to be in violation of civil rights.  The penalty for such violations includes lawsuits and monetary fines for thousands of dollars. So it is crucial for businesses to follow ADA compliance guidelines.  However, the requirements for ADA can be different by city. To keep informed on the local ADA requirements in Arlington Heights, IL, you can visit the Village of Arlington Heights web page.

All signs that you place-within your building or office must follow the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.  Such standards include specifications for character size, font, color, location, mounting height, tactile characters, and the overall design. Our professional designers and sign makers will assist you in creating ADA compliant signs and can modify existing design ideas to ensure that they meet the ADA requirements.  

Tactile and Braille Signs for the Visually Impaired

Including ADA signs in your office or facility helps those with disabilities navigate throughout the building.  Incorporating braille and tactile lettering on the signs like restroom signs and exit signs keep your signs in compliance with the ADA. Tactile characters are raised characters on a sign that allow visually impaired people to read the sign through touch.

In addition to including braille and tactile characters to the final sign mock-up, we will also combine eye-catching designs, so the sign is easy to read. Our professionals are familiar with the ADA guidelines and will help your business remain ADA compliant.

ADA Signage Services in Arlington Heights, IL

Divine Signs and Graphics can provide various ADA sign options including:

ADA handicap restroom signs, ADA parking signs, tactile and braille exit signs, and ADA restroom signs.  We can design, print, and install custom ADA signs that help keep your business compliant.

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