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In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted into legislation to protect disabled Americans from discrimination in the workplace, schools, transportation, and other public services.  This law was created with the intent to provide equal rights and opportunities to people with disabilities.

Signs in Elk Grove Village, IL

According to Title III of the ADA, all businesses must have ADA signs throughout the facility that are easily understood by visual and tactile readers.  Compliant ADA signs are signs such as restroom signs, exit signs, room labels, and signs for stairs that include braille and tactile characters.  Divine Signs and Graphics can create and install ADA signs within your building in Elk Grove Village, IL that follow ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

Our professionals are knowledgeable in ADA signs and will help ensure that your business is ADA compliant.  We will identify and advise you on which ADA signs your facility needs. Then we will create a design using a variety of fonts, colors, and materials to produce ADA signs within compliance that pair well with your company's existing branding.  We can also include braille and tactile characters in the ADA signs that we create in order to accommodate those who are visually impaired.

The Importance of Legally Compliant ADA Braille Signs

Not being compliant with the ADA is, by law, a violation of civil rights and can result in monetary fine sand lawsuits.  That is why it is extremely important that businesses meet the ADA sign requirements.  ADA requirements may differ by city, so it is well advised to be properly informed about the local ADA guidelines by visiting the Elk Grove Village, IL Community website.

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design specifies distinct guidelines that businesses must follow in order to be compliant.  Such specifications include font, sign size, mounting height, tactile characters, character size, color contrast, location, and the overall design.  Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics comprehend the ADA guidelines and will help make sure that your ADA signs follow all the requirements.

Tactile and Braille Signs for the Visually Impaired

The primary intent of requiring ADA compliant signs by law is to make navigating through a building easier for people with disabilities.  ADA signs such as exit signs, restroom signs, stairways and room labels are within compliance if the sign includes braille and tactile lettering to aid people who are visually impaired.

People who are visually impaired rely on sense of touch through braille and tactile signage to be able to navigate their way around a building. By using high contrast designs for ADA signs, we are able to create ADA signs that are easy to comprehend by those who rely on visual or tactile means of communication.

ADA Sign Services in Elk Grove Village, IL

Our professionals can create many types of ADA signs, including ADA parking signs, ADA restroom signs, stairway signs, and room labels.

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