The Best Colors to Use for Business Signs

The Best Colors to Use for Business Signs

Signs are important to a business. Whether indoor or outdoor, signage sends a message to customers and provides incredible impact. To achieve a positive influence, a business owner should be prepared to choose the most ideal colors to grab attention while still representing the business.

Experts say that three out of four customers visit a store based on the quality of its signage. Customers agree that a business sign is a direct reflection of the quality of its services and products. Well-designed signs have the power to increase and retain store traffic and boost sales.

Colors have influence. A mix of colors can set a mood and create atmosphere. Selecting colors for business signs should be done strategically. After all, a business’ intent is to convey meaning to customers. The following is a guide for the best colors to use in business signs.

Color Theory 101

Red Wayfinding Sign

Colors range from the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to secondary colors, which are made by mixing primary colors. Secondary colors include orange, which is made by mixing yellow and red; a blend of red and blue results in purple; a mix of yellow and blue creates green.

Tertiary colors are those that result when mixing primary and secondary colors. For instance, add blue to purple, and a shade of violet is the outcome. Complementary colors are those that are opposite one another on the color wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange.

The emotional impact of colors maybe altered through saturation (the purity or intensity of a color). Reducing the saturation lightens the color, which provides a washed-out appearance. Increasing the saturation darkens the color, making it appear richer and bolder.

Saturating colors is different from tinting or shading colors. Through the process of tinting, a white color is added; as a result, the color is lighter in appearance. Shading colors is achieved by adding a black hue; the outcome is a darker shade.

Symbolic Meanings Behind Colors

Many popular colors have symbolic meanings. Certain colors are known to convey passion, sadness or even regality. The colors a business chooses to showcase in signage will ideally capture the attention of customers while representing the goods the business has to offer.

Painted Wall Graphic

Red embodies excitement, passion, and rage. Yellow signifies cheer, warmth, and happiness. White is known to represent purity, cleanliness, and clarity. Black is imbued with mystery, sophistication, and power. Blue is known for its authority and calmness. Nature, freedom, and wealth are associated with green.

A wide range of additional colors are available for business signage, but the aforementioned are simply the most popular ones. When choosing colors for signs, stick to ones that blend well together and do not overwhelm the passersby. Bright, contrasting colors attract attention most effectively.

Visible Contrasting Colors

The right mix of contrasting colors will appear unified—rather than disjointed. A color wheel will be invaluable when selecting color combinations that stand out and work well together. A sign might successfully feature opposing colors, such as yellow and purple.

Color pairings will impact not only the sign’s appearance but its legibility. The ideal color difference should be 70 percent or more for maximum legibility from a distance. Such ideal color schemes may be achieved by coupling dark color backgrounds with light colored text.

For example, a business sign may feature a black background with lettering in the colors of either white, yellow, orange, or green. On the other end of the color spectrum, a business sign may showcase a white background while featuring black, red, blue, or gray lettering.

Signs with red backgrounds do well with white or yellow letters. Yellow backgrounds require darker colored lettering, such as black, blue or red. Similarly, light blue backgrounds should feature black or red text for increased legibility. Consider various saturations, tinting and shading, too.

Colorful Window Graphic on Daycare

White backgrounds are incredibly versatile, since they rarely clash with other colors on the color spectrum and will contrast. In the darkened evenings, white signs are known to appear brilliant when illuminated. Neutral colors, like white and tones of brown and gray, blend easily with the environment.

Limit the number of colors in the text. Choosing more than three colors for the text is distracting and difficult to read. Keeping this in mind, select a different text color for the phone number or website to draw attention to this critical information.

The most visible color combinations for signage include white on blue, black on white, black on yellow and the reverse (yellow on black), according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Remember to choose color combos that match the business’ intended audience.

Signs can drive business like no other form of marketing can. Keep signage colors consistent, so that customers remember the brand. While business owners may feel tempted to toss in other colors for variety, it is important to refrain from doing so to avoid straying too far from the brand.

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January 21, 2021

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