Windows of Opportunity

Windows of Opportunity

9 Tips on making the most of your glass surfaces with vinyl graphics:

1. Use a compelling call-to-action.

A call-to-action is the message that prompts an immediate response that can turn casual window shoppers into paying customers! This message is conveyed in a piece of marketing materials. It’s designed to give a reader simple yet enticing instructions in order to get the readers to perform a desired action. It’s a term splattered about the internet for it is a staple used in digital marketing’s lead-generation design.

2. Incorporate eye-catching imagery.

Business success often relies on getting out above the noise. Big, bold window graphics will let passers by know the nature of your business.

3. Provide a measure of privacy.

Etched glass is a popular choice for any space where you want to create some element of privacy while still allowing light to pass in to the space. An etched-glass vinyl treatment can be an attractive way to ensure privacy while enhancing branding efforts.

4. Add a touch of class to glass.

Madison Conference Room Graphic

Designs on clear vinyl can provide a subtle touch of branding to upscale establishments. With custom window graphics, you can create unique designs in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

5. Explore new ways to brand.

Frosted, etched-vinyl graphics are a creative and elegant way to showcase your corporate identity. Design options for frosted window decals include reverse cut vinyl, standard cut vinyl, printed frosted and blank frosted. Each design option displays your custom message or graphic in a unique way.

6. Highlight your logo.

Opaque vinyl graphics in a large size are a “can’t miss” way to display your logo to passersby.

Benefits of vinyl graphics:

  • The ability to resist weather conditions like humidity and moisture
  • Vinyl is durable and affordable
  • You are able to make bright and colorful images
  • There are a variety of finishes you can use including matte, semi-gloss and gloss
  • Vinyl can be removed from surfaces without leaving a sticky residue behind
  • Designs can be printed quickly and look professional without needing to wait for paint to dry or a construction project to be finished
Frosted, etched-vinyl graphic

7. Show visitors the way.

When used indoors or outdoors, window films can support your wayfinding. Use vinyl lettering on glass doors at your workplace to designate entrances, exits, business hours, your mission and more!

8. Go with an attractive design.

Use graphics to enhance your décor. Or, if renovating a space, shield shoppers from construction views. They’re a great temporary solution with damage-free removal.

9. Consider a one-way treatment.

Perforated window graphics showcase your message to those who are looking in, while shoppers peering out get a clear view.

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August 18, 2020

Brooke Maloney

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