What to Know About Window Graphics

What to Know About Window Graphics

Window graphics are signage and advertising products that are attached directly to a window. Typically, they’re made from a type of film that adheres to glass without damaging it. Window graphics come in a variety of different types,styles and sizes, and they’re usually fully customizable based on a business’needs.

The advertising industry is constantly changing, but traditional advertising methods, like window graphics, will always be advantageous, especially in areas that receive high foot and/or drive-by traffic. Window graphics reach the most relevant people in your area; the people who will most likely be doing business with you!

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we offer multiple types of window graphics for both interior and exterior windows. We have trained, professional installers for any and all application needs.

Location-Based Window Graphics

First and second surface specifications will determine where your graphic shows up:

  • First surface. First surface window graphics are applied to the exterior side of the window and face outside of the building (rather than the interior). The graphics or images are printed on the front of the vinyl or film and face outward.
  • Second surface. Second surface window graphics are applied on the interior side of the window. They face out toward the street, but the glass itself forms a barrier between the film or decal and the exterior world. One benefit of second surface graphics is that the decals or clings are usually protected from the weather. While first surface graphics are printed on the front of the material, second surface graphics are printed on the backside. They’re also reverse-printed, so images and text always face the correct way when the graphic is applied to the glass.

Types of Window Graphics

  • Transparent graphics- Transparent window graphics are completely see-through. They can be printed with graphics or text. When printed and applied to a window, only the colored portion of the graphic is visible. The rest of the graphic blends in with the glass.
  • Translucent graphics- Translucent window graphics are similar to transparent graphics but are also designed to be back lit, making them visible to passersby in the evening or nighttime hours.
  • Perforated graphics- Also known as “one-way vision” graphics, perforated graphics let people see out of a window, but not in. The exterior of the window is covered in a graphic, but the small holes in the film allow people on the inside of a building to see out. Perforated graphics are also often used on vehicle windows.
  • Opaque graphics- Opaque graphics are not see-through. They’re often a solid color, such as white. The graphics and text are printed on the film, and any area that isn’t printed on remains visible when the graphic is applied to the window.
  • Etched glass vinyl- Create an etched glass look with etched glass vinyl. Here are some benefits that etched glass vinyl offers:
  1.  Get the look of etched, cut, sandblasted or textured glass
  2. Create upscale looks at a fraction of the cost
  3. Change easily thanks to fast application and removal
  4. Define interior spaces while keeping an open feel
  5. Conceal areas from the public

Window Graphic Styles

  • Vinyl lettering- Vinyl letters can be cut into the font or type of your choice, such as block lettering or script. Lettering can serve a practical purpose, such as letting customers know about a sale,your hours of operation or your company’s address.
  • Full cover graphics- Full cover graphics tend to be attention grabbers. They often fill an entire window space and might take up multiple windows. These graphics can include photographic images, corporate branding or other design elements.

Top Benefits of Window Graphics

  • Versatility. Whether you choose to use a window graphic or cling,window graphics tend to be versatile. You aren’t stuck using the same graphics year-in and year-out. Since the graphics are usually not a permanent application, you have the option of changing them out more frequently than other types of graphics.
  •  Built-in advertising. Window graphics offer an ideal way to let the world know your business exists. Not only that, but the graphics can help people get a better sense of who your company is and what it does. When people walk up to a building that has pictures of food installed across the windows, they’re likely to put two and two together and figure out that they’re approaching a restaurant.
  • Promotion of sales and company news. Window graphics give stores the opportunity to highlight current sales or special offers. When those stores get new products in or start selling a new brand, the company can use a window graphic display to highlight the new products. Even businesses that aren’t retailers can benefit from window graphics. For example, a gym can use graphics to announce new operating hours or that it’s got new exercise equipment, and a nail salon can use graphics to let people know that it’s now offering gel manicures.
  • Greater privacy. Although window graphics are often used to share information, they can serve other practical purposes too. For example, you can use window graphics to create a privacy barrier on windows on the interior of a work space. You can also use frosted glass or etched films to block off parts of your work space that you don’t want passersby to see — without taking the natural light out of those spaces.
  •  Attention. People are more likely to notice a business that has a sign or graphics on its facade. If your company’s windows are bare and you don’t have much else in the way of signage, how is anyone going to know you’re there?
  • Savings. In some areas, hanging up a sign or putting up another type of display requires a permit. It costs money to rent a billboard or purchase a print ad. While window graphics aren’t free, they do tend to cost a lot less than other forms of advertising and usually don’t require the purchase of a permit.
  • Improved appearance. Window graphics give you the chance to dress up your work space or building and mask any unappealing areas. For example, if your office has a view of an alley, you can use window graphics to create the illusion of a pretty mountain view or a view of the ocean. You can also use window graphics to put your brand’s stamp on a building you don’t own.

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If you think window graphics would help you better promote your business, or if you’re looking to give your companies appearance a boost, Divine Signs can help. Our experts can assist you in choosing and creating the window graphics that will help you meet your goals the fastest.

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