Conference Room Turned Centerpiece

Conference Room Turned Centerpiece

One of our top customers is an International Real Estate Management company that manages some of country’s highest profile buildings, and the building photographed above is no exception. For this specific project, we were able print and contour cut etched glass vinyl to create a stunning graphics display for their Mezanine Floor Conference Room. This specific conference room resides in their Tenant Lobby, so it acts as a focal point on the floor, and always has a pair of eyes on it. Our graphic designers, production team, and installation crew, were able to work directly with our customer, and transform their conference room into a centerpiece.

When working with glass paneled rooms, there are always a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • 1. Glass offices and conference rooms should always have graphics to avoid work place accidents. Believe it or not, we have received many calls from customers who have had, or are trying to prevent their employees from running into the glass. Installing graphics helps the glass catch the eye of those walking by, and prevents employees from a “glass wall headache”.
  • 2. Although glass rooms/offices create a sharp atmosphere, they do limit privacy and vanity. Graphics are a great way to creatively keep private meetings private, and cut down on distraction when the meeting is taking place.
  • 3. With Glass, Comes Opportunity. Glass Graphics provide an awesome opportunity to creatively brand or decorate your office space. Whether it is a company name and logo, or a unique shape or pattern, glass graphics can give your room that extra “pop”.

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December 14, 2014


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