Every business uses multiple forms of signage including outdoor stand-alone signs and wall signs as well as indoor wall signage.  Another place where businesses can put signage is on the windows of their storefront or office.  Businesses that want to get the most out of their signage should consider using all the space they have available, which includes their windows.

Window signs can benefit a business in many ways, especially when used on storefront windows as they can attract attention from passing customers.  If you choose to use window signs, it is important to craft a design and message that gets the attention of your customers and encourages more walk-ins.

In this guide, we discuss the benefits of window graphics and signs for businesses and how to get the most out of the design and message of your window signs.  If you want custom window decals and signage for your business, our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can help.

window signs
Window graphics

The Main Benefits of Window Graphics

Businesses with storefront windows should view their big, empty windows as a canvas for window graphics and signs that can entice customers and increase your sales.  Some may consider window graphics and signs to be tacky, and when poorly designed, this may be true.  However, well designed window signs and graphics can look sharp and professional and benefit your business in a number of ways.  

The following are the main benefits of window graphics and signs:

Attract More Foot Traffic

Businesses with a storefront have an opportunity to appeal to people passing by and good window signage is an effective way to do this.  In fact, it has been shown that over 75 percent of American consumers have entered a store because of the window signage and 68 percent have made a purchase after a sign enticed them to walk in.

Build Your Brand

Establishing your branding on all marketing materials, including your logos and colors, is a great way to build brand awareness.  You can use your window signs to convey your branding including your colors, logos, and messaging to customers passing by.  The branding of your window signs also helps customers identify your business right away.

Easy to Change

Window graphics are less permanent than other types of signage which makes your window space flexible.  Vinyl window signs stick to glass surfaces and can be peeled off rather easily to make way for new signage.  This makes your windows a great spot for seasonal signage.

Make the Most of your Space

As mentioned above, storefront windows give you extra real estate to make use of effective signage.  Your windows are basically a free billboard for signage that can be changed easily and often.

window graphics
Window graphics

No Permits Necessary

Many types of outdoor signage require permits as there are local regulations that must be followed.  If your business breaks signage regulations, you could be fined.

There are no such regulations for window graphics and signs because the graphics stick directly to your windows and don’t take up any space.  This gives you complete control over how to use your windows as sign space.

Create Ambience

The designs, colors, and graphics of your window signs can add to the ambience of your store.  Well-designed window signage can have the following positive impacts on your customers and employees:

• More social interaction

• Personal connections

• Better workplace environment

• Emotional response

The artistic element of good window signage can help create a more comfortable work environment and put your customers at ease which makes them more likely to make a purchase.

Help your Digital Marketing

One of the advantages with digital marketing is that it is flexible and your marketing messaging on digital channels can be changed at any time to reflect seasonal changes and changes in promotions and other offerings.  Window signage is also very flexible because of how easily it can be installed and removed.  

You can use window signs to promote your digital marketing efforts by including hashtags, social media handles, URLs, QR codes, and more.  If your window signage is unique, people may also take pictures of it and post it on social media which can help your digital marketing and create some more buzz around your brand.

Cost Effective

Window graphics and signs are cost effective because you don’t have to pay for the advertising space, and you don’t have to worry about permits like with outdoor signage.  You can be creative with your window signage, and you can change it out at a relatively low cost.


Window graphics are among the most versatile types of signage when it comes to design.  You can choose to use as little or as much space on your windows as you want and include window lettering, images, graphic designs, branding colors, logos, hashtags, URLs, and more.  

Window and Wall Signs
Window and Wall Signs

How to Get the Most from Your Window Signage

As illustrated above, utilizing your storefront windows for eye-catching signage benefits your business in a number of ways.  If you have decided to install window graphics for your business, the following tips will help you create effective signage and best use the space:

Compelling call to action: A good call to action is important for any form of advertising.  On window signage, an effective call to action will get more customers in the door.

Eye-catching imagery: Whether it is the design, colors, logos, or images, make sure to use bold window graphics to catch the attention of those walking by.

Provide privacy: You can give your business some added privacy with etched glass vinyl treatment and incorporate this treatment into the design of your windows.

Get creative with branding: Think of new ways to present your branding, including frosted etched-vinyl graphics that can add some elegance to the design.

Feature your logo: Your logo should be featured in your window signage as this is what helps people recognize your business.

Custom Window Graphics from Divine Signs

Window graphics and signs are highly versatile, cost-effective, and can attract more customers into your store.  If you want to make use of your storefront windows to create eye-catching signage, call the professionals of Divine Signs and Graphics.  We can work with your business to design and print custom vinyl window lettering and graphics that accurately convey your messaging and your branding.  You can call us at (847) 534-9220 to learn more.

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August 16, 2022

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