See Through Window Graphics??? Absolutely!

See Through Window Graphics??? Absolutely!

When a customer has an interesting problem, we love to come up with a creative solution. This specific park district had a street/pedestrian facing window bay, and was looking for a way to conceal the storage room behind the windows, but at the same time did not want to restrict the view from the inside looking out. The best way to solve this problem, is by using a product called perforated vinyl.

Perforated Vinyl appears opaque from the outside, but allows visibility from the inside looking out. This specialty vinyl is “perforated” with a pattern of round, evenly spaced holes, called Micro-punctures. When printing on this material, the ink is printed on the space between each hole (this creates the opacity from the outside), but when you are behind the glass, or inside the building, you are able to see perfectly through the tiny perforations on the material. This product is also commonly seen on side and back windows when wrapping vehicles. Content on the outside, and visibility from the inside!

There are three types of perforated vinyl that are commonly used in the industry:
1. 50/50
2. 60/40
3. 70/30
a. The ratio refers to the amount printable area, in respect to the percentage of perforation. For example, 50/50 perforated vinyl means that 50% of the material has a printable area, and 50% is perforated. 60/40 and 70/30 have larger printable areas, but have less see-through area than 50/50 perf.

Perforated vinyl is an excellent way to strike the balance between marketing and vanity. This customer was able to effectively market and send their message to people passing by, while concealing the items stored in the room behind the glass, and did not have to sacrifice their ability to see out! Everybody wins!

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May 22, 2019

Mike Miller

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