Where are the Best Places to Put Business Signs?

Where are the Best Places to Put Business Signs?

Business signage is a key component in attracting customers. A well-designed business sign is just one piece of a marketing plan. The second piece is equally critical: the location of the sign. Here is a definitive guide to placing business signs so that customers are exposed to the brand.

Eye-catching business signs draw attention from customers, who in turn are potential sources of revenue. The attention generated from well-placed signs can also bring in new customers. Deciding where to place business signs should be an important part of a well-thought-out marketing strategy.

A company may invest in a range of signs, with each requiring placement in different locations within and around the business. Examples of common business signs include:

  • Informative signs
  • Promotional signs
  • Safety signs
  • Regulatory signs
  • Wayfinding signs
  • Courtesy signs

1. On the Street or Lot

Andigo Outdoor Business sign

Outdoor signs are the most visible form of marketing a company can employ. A four-foot by eight-foot sign has the potential to be seen by large numbers of passersby and therefore convert onlookers into customers. Installing the outdoor sign on the street or sidewalk raises brand awareness.

Eighty-five percent of customers live or work within a five-mile radius of a business’ location. Exterior signs are incredibly effective in exposing a company brand to customers multiple times every month. Outdoor signs are an affordable way to profit from long-term exposure.

Exterior signs are effective when placed close to the business property, such as in the parking lot. Potential customers include those who drive by and see the sign. If the company operates without a parking lot, install the outdoor sign in the driveway or front entrance.

2. In Windows and Doors

Promote new products by hanging banners or graphics in the business’ windows. The signs are at eye level, making them the perfect marketing tactic to draw interested passersby. A business window is considered prime real estate, so take advantage of on-premise signage.

A company’s inventory changes rapidly, and today’s hottest products can be tomorrow’s clutter. Choosing temporary window signs accommodates volatile market conditions. Window decals are an affordable means to communicate an inventory of rotating goods in both the short- and long-term.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are common in multi-story buildings located in high-traffic areas. Large window signs will complement the existing décor of the entrance. Practical information, such as store hours, QR codes and social media accounts, can readily be displayed using window signs.

3. In the Reception Area

Environmental Lobby Sign

While not all businesses feature a lobby, those that do will benefit from attractive signs in the reception area. Lobby signs are ideally mounted behind the reception desk. Such placement strengthens brand identity and leaves a sophisticated, professional impression with customers.

4. On the Floor

Customers are bombarded with outdoor and indoor business signs but pleasantly surprised when a company advertises via floor graphics. The business message is literally under the customers’ feet. Elevators, stairways and checkout lines are places where floor signs will be hard to miss.

Floor signs can deliver relatable messages, which is a benefit for humorous brands. Create visual interest with optical illusions—customers are likely to remember the sign and share the message with friends. Plus, floor graphics take up the least amount of space in comparison to other sign types.

Furthermore, floor signs provide directions, helping customers navigate comfortably through the store. Clear directions imprinted on floor signs direct customers to various departments, popular products or different merchandise. Temporary floor graphics guide customers when a store features a new layout.

5. On the Walls

Current deals are effectively advertised by signs situated along the business’ walls. Steer customers toward a particular product and inspire them to purchase by using flexible wall signs. Wall signs create a unique atmosphere, too. Turn blank walls into powerful vehicles for advertising!

6. Outside Restrooms

Place restroom signs at eye level to give customers and employees confidence about the room into which they are about to enter. A storefront or business should have multiple restroom signs throughout the building to prevent staff and customers from “hunting” for the restroom.

7. Throughout the Building

Acrylic Wall Signs

Safety and regulatory signs should be mounted throughout the building, depending on the nature of the business. Basic safety signs are important, however, no matter what the type of business. Wayfinding signs directing people to emergency exits are among the most critical and should hang from the ceiling.

Place informative signs pointing in the direction of fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. Signs should warn others about potentially dangerous equipment or materials. If the building features unexpected steps or low-hanging fixtures, hang a sign to notify staff and customers.

Potential and existing customers pay attention to high-quality business signs. In fact, the workmanship of a business sign is among the top reasons a customer chooses to frequent a business. When the quality of your exterior and interior business signs matters to you, choose Divine Signs and Graphics.

Work with a Reputable Sign Company

Our team of sign specialists design and install a variety of business signs. We’ve created outdoor business signs, such as plaza signs, parking lot signs, wall signs and entrance signs. Exterior signs incorporate your business’ unique fonts, colors and graphics.

Divine Signs and Graphics also designs and installs a wide range of interior business signs. You’ll discover sign solutions for lobbies, elevators and windows. Our customers have the option to choose from both custom and stock solutions to deliver a powerful brand message.  

No matter what size your business happens to be, Divine Signs and Graphics will work with you to develop clean, professional signage that will impact customers. Our sign company produced signs for small businesses located in strip malls as well as large corporations situated in multi-story office buildings.

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June 30, 2021

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