How to Use Wall Signs and Murals to Make an Impression

How to Use Wall Signs and Murals to Make an Impression

Creating First Impressions with Interior Wall Signs

Interior Wall Signs are a must for creating a professional and eye catching first impression. This particular customer is a commercial property manager who just recently renovated their corporate office. This piece serves as a striking first impression, and is one of the first things seen as you step off the elevator. Signs like these are most commonly seen behind or near front desks, or in conference rooms and lobbies.

This sign was fabricated using 1” thick, Stainless Steel, 3 dimensional letters, with a brushed aluminum finish, and stud mounted for installation. Even though the wooden wall had raised and recessed planks, we were able to install this sign evenly using custom studs on the back of each letter. Although this specific customer went with stainless steel, there are many different materials, at many different price points, that 3 dimensional letters can be made from. These materials include, but are not limited to, acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and the list goes on! All of these materials have endless paint and finish options to match your firm’s look and feel. Do you need your sign to match an exact pantone color? No problem! Our painters can match any pantone provided.

Sharpen up your lobby or conference room with 3 Dimensional letters by Divine. Make an Impressive Impression!

Wall Mural
Wall Mural

Businesses achieve brand success when they install artistic murals and attractive wall signs. A striking mural not only pleases the eyes of visitors but helps businesses notably stand out from the competition. Companies can use wall signs and murals to make a lasting impression.

Why are murals and wall signs important?

Wall murals may be hung in the reception area, reach from the ceiling to the floor, or cover an empty corner. Wherever these artistic expressions are installed, they are highly visible. Murals and wall signs are a company’s opportunity to establish and convey their unique branding.

Visual displays entice customers into the door. Murals also influence the first impressions of guests and visitors who are new to the space. In fact, people formulate their assumptions about the company based on the clarity and aesthetic appeal of the murals or wall signs.

While pleasing visitors is important, so is keeping the employees who serve those guests happy. Wall murals are shown to have a positive effect on staff, motivating them and boosting satisfaction in the workplace. When employees feel a higher sense of purpose, they produce better quality work.

How do businesses use wall signs and murals effectively?

Drive brand awareness by hanging murals and wall signs that represent the uniqueness of the business. Building brand awareness begins with identifying and focusing on the intended audience. Next, select a prime location for the mural. Lastly, choose an end-goal and the paths to work toward it.

Wall Mural
Wall Mural

1. Consider the Audience

Make a positive impression by first identifying the specific audience with whom the company aims to connect and inspire. The intended audience is highly influential when it comes to directing the artistic design of the business’s mural or wall sign.

Murals that stand out make a splash in the social media feeds of guests who’ve snapped photos of them. When customers engage with the business’s murals, it expands the latter’s presence online. Further, businesses can upload images of their murals on their own website for added reach.

Companies also have a chance to connect via murals while customers wait for service. When guests enter the lobby, the mural is among the first elements they see. As they navigate the halls, wall signs catch their attention. Target these areas so customers notice and absorb the brand message.

Wall Murals
Wall Murals

2. Select a Prime Location

As soon as visitors walk into the lobby, their gaze falls on the most interesting attraction—the mural or wall sign. Take this opportunity to pull together the company’s slogans and branded logos and integrate them into a mural that accurately represents the business.

The company’s valuable employees, too, are continually inspired by prominent murals. Focus on creating wall graphics that best represent that company’s values and connect everyone. Daily tasks become purposeful when staff are reminded of the company goals they continually work toward.

When hanging the murals, choose locations where employees spend most of their time. Select areas where the most productivity is required. Companies with an open-floor plan might take advantage of the chance to hang murals on the multiple walls, thereby sharing their message far and wide.

A mural installed in a windowless conference room is equally effective in re-energizing staff during important client negotiations and discussions held by company leadership. Eye-catching artwork has the power to keep the mindset of attendees focused and ensure everyone remains on track.

Wall / Lobby Sign
Wall / Lobby Sign

3. Work Toward Goals

Consider the objective for installing a mural or wall sign in the workplace before beginning the sign design process. Some companies may want to clearly establish their brand while others simply aim to provide a welcoming experience for their guests.

A goal for businesses may be to enhance the commitment of their valued employees. Adding murals to individual workspaces achieves this end. Installing large-scale murals or inspiring wall signs in places where employees frequently converge helps maintain morale and increases productivity.

Murals that brighten up a drab workspace also serve to uplift employees. When employee morale is at a high, it attracts top-tier leadership to the thriving company culture. Fostering a positive atmosphere for current and future employees is a commendable company goal.

Well-designed wall signs and graphics not only make a good first impression, the ideas conveyed via these signs also stay with visitors once they’ve left. Companies that invest in decorative murals or wall signs display their confidence in their products and services.

Wall signs and graphics
Wall signs and graphics

Why Divine Signs and Graphics

Making a memorable first impression is not necessarily a major expense. Stunning murals and wall graphics can be inexpensively made and easily maintained, provided the company works with an experienced and knowledgeable sign design team, like Divine Signs and Graphics.

Our sign design experts bring your vision for a business mural or wall sign to vibrant life. Your walls are a branding opportunity—and successful companies seize the chance to present their business in a remarkable light. Murals and wall signs designed by our team contribute to your success.

You have plenty of design choices, including the addition of business slogans, logos, and colors. Lighted lobby signs make a grand show as soon as visitors enter your building. Metal or vinyl are sign material options, and our creative team helps you decide what works best for your space.

Interior signage options from Divine Signs and Graphics include dimensional lettering. Incredibly versatile, 3D dimensional lettering can be installed in the lobby, conference room, or on exterior wall signs. Choose from various lettering materials, like wood, copper, acrylic, and plastics.

Whether you wish to create an expansive mural for your large lunchroom, an intimate mural for a small conference room, or a sleek metal sign for the reception area, Divine Signs and Graphics will help you transform your professional space into one that is unforgettable.

Creative specialists from Divine Signs and Graphics are ready to discuss your goals for presenting your business effectively. We design, produce, and securely install a range of interior signage.

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