Tips for a Successful Signs and Graphics Strategy

Tips for a Successful Signs and Graphics Strategy

Successfully marketing a business and increasing brand awareness can in part be achieved by creating an effective signs and graphics strategy. Every company large and small invests valuable resources into the development of alluring business signs that deliver profitable results.

Businesses understand the importance of distinguishing their brand in a competitive marketplace that’s inundated with other companies trying to achieve the same goal. Eye-catching signs do more than enhance a company’s image - they can attract throngs of new and existing customers.

How do brands set themselves apart?

All businesses vie for one reward: the customer’s loyalty. With so many companies trying to win the attention of the same customers, it becomes critical for them to set themselves apart. Signs can help businesses showcase what makes them special, notable, and essential.

Business signs serve multiple purposes. An important one is to advertise products or services to people who are likely to want or need them. Well-made signs give companies the means to reinforce brand recognition among valuable customers, which helps to establish the business.

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What are key components of a sign and graphics strategy?

Once the objective is determined - reaching the greatest number of potential customers - it becomes necessary to formulate an effective signs and graphics strategy. The foundation of this strategy is the company’s budget, so it’s important to evaluate how much to allocate to business signs.

Tip 1: Create signage metrics

The overall success of a sign can be accurately measured by first determining the metrics. Business owners must think about their objective before the sign design process begins. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to gauge the efficacy of the indoor and/or exterior signs.

Tip 2: Determine a signage budget

A signage budget usually draws from the marketing budget. Business owners should consult the marketing team to determine what portion of the funds can be dedicated to the creation and installation of signs. With a financial plan in place, it’s practical to begin brainstorming signage details.

Draw from a signage budget to create numerous interior and exterior business signs. Depending on the sign type, different materials will be used to manufacture it. The sign budget will determine the signage materials. Similarly, costs play a factor in the location of the signs.

For example, exterior signs may be installed in areas that require a permit. In these cases, set aside costs for the permit. Maintaining signs, especially outdoor signs that are exposed to the harsh elements, also comes with a cost. Factor ongoing maintenance into the signage budget.

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Tip 3: Choose a memorable design

Legibility is one of the most important elements of a well-designed sign. A large outdoor sign should feature text that can be clearly read from a distance, while also being durable. Indoor signs, on the other hand, may require smaller font for customers and visitors to read from close-up.

When designing either exterior or indoor signs, think outside the box to catch the attention of passersby. Use the right mix of hues that reflect the business’ brand colors. If the signs will be placed outside, consider illumination at night to ensure the signs serve the business 24/7.

Bold colors that contrast against a bright background are eye-catching. Be careful, however, to opt for a color palette that reflects the company’s brand, energy, and selection of products. Keep the sign simple by not cluttering it with busy patterns or numerous images.

Tip 4: Select the sign type

Business signs come in all shapes and sizes:

• Create memorable ones by going digital with kiosks.

• LED signs can strike a chord with potential customers.

• Businesses that offer numerous items, like neighborhood restaurants, can make a positive impact with digital menu boards.

Outdoor banners are not only weatherproof, but they advertise the business with pride.

• Smaller signs, conversely, are just as important, serving to notify customers of business hours or special promotions.

• Install window decals permanently or temporarily, such as to advertise seasonal items.

• A signs and graphics strategy will likely incorporate the use of both wayfinding signs and safety signs. The former helps customers navigate a business, while the latter is critical to ensure guests and visitors have a safe experience in the store.

ADA-compliant signage assists visitors with disabilities.

Creating a business sign is an exciting part of an advertising strategy. Despite all the flair that goes into the sign creation, avoid making hasty decisions. Do not compromise on current needs or accept subpar design elements. Take the time to find and work with a reputable sign design expert.

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Sign Design and Creation from Divine Signs and Graphics

By working with a professional sign design company, like Divine Signs and Graphics, your new business sign is likely to provide valuable returns for many years to come. Our sign specialists will help you implement your signs and graphics strategy, turning your vision into reality.

As experts in business sign design, production and installation, we create both durable exterior and detailed interior signs. Outdoor signs can be lit up at night with channel letters and light boxes. We can also produce ground signs, plaza signs, parking lot signs, and entrance signs, among many other types.

Customized interior signage is another area in which we specialize. Your business may have certain requirements for interior logo signs, so we offer a variety of quality materials and quantities. We can also produce 3D signs, regulatory and safety signs as well as decorative or informative signs.

No matter what type of business sign you envision, Divine Signs and Graphics will bring it to life with your company’s logo, fonts, brand colors, and unique messaging. We’ll assist you through the entire process, resulting in a crisp, clean, and professional sign your company will take pride in.

When you think outside of the box and seek a sign company that offers you endless design possibilities, choose Divine Signs and Graphics. We serve companies in Schaumburg, Illinois. Call our office to discuss your upcoming custom outdoor business sign or interior sign design project.

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August 17, 2023

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