Opening A Business? These Business Signs Can Help

Opening A Business? These Business Signs Can Help

Cutting the red ribbon to a new business is an exciting event. Business owners anticipate the throngs of crowds waiting to buy their goods or services. But in order to attract would-be customers, the storefront should prominently display business signs. Here are business signs that can help draw in customers.

What types of businesses benefit from signs?

Commercial businesses with a storefront stand to benefit from a boost in sales when signs are hung. Retail stores can promote sales events or products via signage. Business owners opening a large store, or one located in a shopping plaza can also direct customers to specific products or areas.

Restaurants, too, benefit from the branding opportunities business signs present. Opening a sports bar, for instance, would lead to hanging wall decals with sports-related themes. Window signs can be hung to promote special meals of the day or new items on the menu.

Convenience stores and gas stations generate revenue by advertising items in the storefront windows. Vinyl banners serve as effective window advertising to passersby; highly visible forms of advertising, they can even be used outdoors to drive traffic inside the store.

Opening up a vehicle repair shop should prompt the business owner to hang attractive signs to stand out from local competitors. Sidewalk signs can draw in customers needing auto maintenance. Sign displays can also be used to sell premium automobile products.

What business signs are recommended when opening a business?
What business signs are recommended when opening a business?

What business signs are recommended when opening a business?

Business signage is a useful tool in a business’ marketing arsenal. Eye-catching signs communicate the business’ message to potential customers, convey brand identity, and help reach the right customers. Business signs, being a one-time expense, are also a cost-effective method of advertising.

1. Business Lobby Signs

The right lobby sign greets customers as soon as they walk in the door. Lobby signs establish a professional atmosphere, while encouraging the mood the business owner intends to set for the business. These signs also reassure customers that they are in the right location.

Business lobby signs can be designed to display the business’ slogan, motto, and logo. These are crucial elements that help establish brand presence. Lobby signs also effectively educate visitors about the brand and distinguish the business from neighboring businesses sharing the same space.

Lobby Signs
Lobby Signs

2. Floor Signs

Providing directional cues, floor signs can be as creative as the business owner wishes. Floor signs can be customized with unique messages to direct customers and visitors to certain areas. Signs adhered to the floor can even attract the attention of smartphone users who are constantly on their phone.

Signs on the floor may offer specific location information, such as “you are here” or aisle numbers. They can offer promotional QR codes, too. In the Covid-19 era, floor signs communicate social distancing rules. Floor signs make use of the most underutilized and visible place that customers are looking.

Vinyl floor signs are extremely thin and can endure for several years in the same location. Being semi-permanent, floor signs offer additional benefits, like easy installation and removal. Whether the business’ floors are concrete, tile or laminate, floor signs can be successfully installed.

3. Wayfinding Signs

Especially when opening a business that takes up a large amount of square feet, wayfinding signs will be useful. Rather than risk customers getting lost and frustrated, wayfinding signs easily guide them through the store. The result is a more comfortable shopping experience for the customer.

Wayfinding Signs
Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs fall into any of four categories: identification, informational, directional, and regulatory. Identification signs may be located on the wall behind the reception desk and communicate exactly what business the customer is visiting. They may also identify areas of customer service.

Information wayfinding signs can be located in a waiting room, lobby, or entrance. These signs communicate the hours of operation or the locations of bathrooms, elevators, and stairs. A business offering free Wi-Fi can include this information on this type of business sign.

Directional signs simply help customers navigate the store. Areas without clear traffic flow are usually places where directional signs have a positive impact. These signs instruct visitors where to turn at junctions, provide physical distancing markers, or help lead customers to their destination in the store.

Safety is paramount when running a business, and regulatory signs help promote safety and reduce liability concerns. Regulatory signs might warn of areas with high voltage, inform guests where pets are not allowed, or identify areas designated for employees only.

4. Vehicle Wraps

While the abovementioned signage is recommended for physical locations, even mobile businesses have options. Since mobile business owners travel to their customers, it’s important to carry the brand wherever they go. This can be achieved with vehicle wraps, a constant and bold form of advertising.

vehicle wraps
Vehicle wraps

Whether your business is brand new or has attracted customers for decades, business signs are essential. Both interior and outdoor signs play vital roles in the day-to-day operations of a business. When you plan to buy new signage or upgrade your existing ones, turn to Divine Signs and Graphics.

As a premier sign company with a team of experts who will design, create, and install custom business signs, Divine Signs will give your company’s image a boost. We produce quality interior and exterior business signs and can perform a sign audit to ensure your current signs provide maximum benefit.

Our interior signs range from ADA signs to lobby signs and wayfinding signs. Local businesses will improve the look of their brand and enhance brand identity with our wide range of exterior signs, such as lighted signs, wall plaques, ground signs, monument signs, sandblasted signs, and plaza signs.

Design options are limitless when you work with Divine Signs and Graphics. Upcoming and established businesses can be assured of quality craftsmanship and reliable installation from our experienced teams. We serve local businesses in the Schaumburg, Illinois, areas. Call our office today for a free estimate.

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May 13, 2022

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