How Weather and Seasons Affect Business Signage Installations

How Weather and Seasons Affect Business Signage Installations

How to Deal with Mother Nature

In life, and especially in business, there are many things that we CAN control.  We can control our pricing, the way we treat our customers, the way we treat our employees, and the list goes on.  But one thing we CAN’T control is Mother Nature.

It is important for businesses to attract attention from potential customers to get more people walking through their doors.  One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing quality business signage, including walls signs, monument signs, and more.  An eye-catching design that includes branding colors and logos is sure to help your business stand out and get more customers in your door.  However, if you are planning on installing new exterior signage for your business, you must consider the season and how the weather may affect the signage installation.

As a sign company, especially a sign company in the Chicago area, we are always working with and around the ever-changing weather.  In this guide, we discuss how the conditions of each season may affect your exterior sign installation project as well as the best tips for installing outdoor signage.

How Weather and Seasons Affect Business Signage Installations

What is the installation process for outdoor signage?

If you are interested in adding outdoor signage for your business, it helps to understand the installation process.  Once the design of your signage is finalized and the signs themselves are created, they need to be transported and installed at your location.  Depending on the type of signage you choose, we may need to prepare the building, a pole, or a structure for the sign.  Signage that lights up will also require an electrical setup.  Heavy equipment may be needed to install large or heavy storefront signs.

Our professionals will ensure that your exterior signage is installed effectively with minimal interruption to your business.  Your signage will be well-placed and visible so it can draw more customers through your doors.  We will also account for the season and weather for the installation.

What are the benefits of exterior signage?

An eye-catching exterior sign that is installed properly is a great long-term investment because of the benefits it brings for your business.  The following are the main benefits of exterior signage:

• Studies show that 35% of potential customers wouldn’t know about your business without a sign.

• Exterior signage helps people find your business and differentiate you from the surrounding businesses.

• Signage contributes to your branding and marketing by leaving a lasting image in the minds of your customers.

• The appearance of outdoor signage can cause 76% of consumers to visit a store that they have never been to before.

• Poorly made signage discourages 52% of consumers from entering your store.

How the Different Seasons Impact Outdoor Signage Installation

When installing outdoor signage, we have no choice but to deal with the elements.  The weather conditions can have an impact on what can and cannot be done which makes some seasons better for sign installation projects than others.  Here is how each season can affect sign installation:



Summer is the prime season for signage installation projects.  There is almost no limit to what can be done on the exterior and interior of your business during the summer months.  We can do signage installation for a range of summer activities such as corporate events, golf outings, fairs, and festivals.

The biggest concern during the summer months is when the temperature gets above 90 degrees.  In extreme heat, certain vinyl or printed graphics can become gooey and difficult for installers to work with.  If you need graphics installed in extreme heat, make sure your sign company has a controlled environment where your graphics can be installed.  If this does not apply to your project, installing during the early morning or late afternoon is your safest bet.


Fall is another great season for installing exterior signage.  Fall weather is excellent because it is the sweet spot before winter hits.  The biggest weather concern to look out for during the fall is high winds.  High winds can happen during any season, and they limit the type of exterior signage that can be installed.  When wind speeds are elevated, it makes “off-the-ground” installations more challenging.  Projects involving ladders, lift trucks, scissor lifts, etc., cannot be done during high winds.


Winter is a challenging time of year to install exterior signage as any job involving installing graphics outdoors is difficult in temperatures below 40 degrees.  This is because graphics are applied to surfaces using adhesives that are not nearly as effective in temperatures under 40 degrees, often resulting in peeling graphics.  However, there are still some signage installation projects that can be completed in the winter months, including exterior wall signs, banners, vehicle graphics, pylon signs, and any type of interior signage projects.


As the ground begins to thaw and the weather warms up again, any type of sign installation project can be done.  The only thing to work around is the high amount of precipitation that takes place during springtime in the Chicago area.  Although rain may cause a few projects to be rescheduled, the spring is a great season to get your exterior signage installation projects started.

The return of warmer weather in the spring also opens the door for window graphic installation projects.

Tips for Effective Exterior Signage

Having exterior signage for your business is not enough, it needs to be eye-catching signage that effectively gets your message across and entices consumers to walk through your doors.  The following tips will help you get the most out of your exterior signage.

8 Ways To Add WOW To Your Signage

Make Sure Signs are Visible

Making sure your exterior signage is visible is important for letting potential customers know that your business exists.  Your signage should be installed where it can be seen by the most traffic.  You should face your signage towards the road and if your business is located near a highway, billboards or pylon signage is a good way to get the attention of highway traffic.  

You should also make sure that your exterior signage is within a driver’s point of view.  Drivers rarely look 30 degrees above or below the horizon sign so you should make sure your signage is within this range.  Drivers may miss signage that is placed too high or too low.

Incorporate Branding and Logo

Incorporating your branding and logo into your signage helps build brand recognition and trust among potential customers.  It is best to put the name of your business along with your logo and colors on the sign to help establish brand recognition.  Eventually, consumers will begin associating your logo and branding with your business name.

Use Quality Signage Materials

We understand that some businesses may have a limited budget to spend on signage, but it is beneficial to get signage made from the best possible materials.  Custom designed signage made from quality materials like metal and glass may have a high upfront cost, but this can save you money in the long run.  Cheaper sign materials degrade faster from exposure to the elements which can cause your sign to malfunction and cost you money in repairs.  A quality sign can last for many years and bring you a better return on your investment.

Get Creative

Do not be afraid to get creative with the design of your signage to stand out and draw attention.  Remember, your exterior signage will be the first introduction of your business to potential customers.  Avoid creating signage that looks like that of other businesses in your industry and create a sign that will stick in the minds of those who see it.

Create Clear Message

Your signage should include a clear and concise message so that potential customers understand what you are trying to convey.  If your messaging is unclear, people will simply pass over your business.  The design, messaging, and positioning of your exterior signage should be done with this in mind.

Call a Professional for Exterior Signage Installation

Installing exterior signage may involve scaffolding, ladders, and other heavy equipment to raise and mount the signage.  Signs that use electricity may also require the installation of special electronics.  In short, this is not a DIY project for people who are inexperienced or do not have the proper equipment.  It is best to call a professional to install your signage like Divine Signs and Graphics.

Our professionals have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively install any type of exterior signage.  We will not only help determine the best placement for your signage, but also ensure that it is securely installed and functional.  

Divine Signs and Graphics

Exterior Signage from Divine Signs and Graphics

There is a lot to consider with exterior signage including the design, sign type, materials, installation, and how seasonal conditions can affect the installation.  At Divine Signs and Graphics, we are ready to work with you every step of the way to help with the design and creation of your exterior signage as well as the installation.  When you work with us, you can expect an eye-catching sign that will bring more potential customers into your business.

You can call Divine Signs and Graphics at (847) 534-9220 to get started with your exterior signage.

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February 22, 2024

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