8 Ways To Add WOW To Your Signage

8 Ways To Add WOW To Your Signage

Something that is sometimes overlooked but definitely important for businesses is their signage.  This includes exterior signage, interior signage, store signage, vehicle wraps, window graphics, and much more.  The signage for your business is important because it communicates vital information about your products and services and helps people navigate your business or store.

Good signage plays a role in establishing brand recognition and selling your products and services.  Therefore, you should not take the design or placement of your signage lightly.  Signage that grabs attention is more likely to get your customers to take the desired action and it will help you get noticed over your competition.

So how do you make sure your signage has that WOW factor that draws a customer’s eyes towards you and not your competitors?  In this guide, we discuss how you can improve your signage to make it more eye catching and grab attention which will attract more customers.  Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can help you design and create signage that has the WOW factor your current signage may be missing.

Wowing Your Customers with Signage

Businesses can take creative liberties when it comes to the design of their signage, but the design still has to be effective.  Simple signage may not be enough to draw attention while signage with too much going on in the design could be confusing.  The following 8 tips will help you put that WOW factor into your signage that can take it over the top.

Make it Personal

Your signage is supposed to represent your business, values, mission statement, and what you have to offer.  Putting a personal touch into your signage that matches your brand will resonate with your audience and help build brand recognition.  All signage should include your branding colors and logos, and don’t be afraid to get creative to showcase the personality of your brand.

Add Vibrant Colors

While it is important to include the colors of your brand, you can also incorporate additional vibrant colors to help your signage stand out.  Brighter colors draw attention and choosing the right colors to complement the colors of your brand can make for a very interesting design.

Use Custom Shapes

Signage designs commonly use shapes that everyone can recognize, but don’t be afraid to experiment with less commonly used shapes or even custom shapes.  Adding unique shapes into the design of your logo or signage will standout and help people remember your brand.

Think Big

The size of your sign plays a role in how much people notice your sign.  Bigger signs and bigger text and images within the sign are more likely to draw attention.  Even a slight increase in the dimensions of your sign can make a big difference and give you more space within the sign to convey your message.

Use Images

For many businesses, a particular design or image may be used across signage for branding continuity.  However, do not be afraid to change up the images or designs within your signs to present your customers with something new.  If you are making signage for a special sale or promotion, this is the ideal opportunity to incorporate new images.

Put Signage on Your Vehicles

If your business has vehicles that are regularly on the road, you have a great opportunity to make your signage mobile.  You can fit your vehicles with vehicle wrap signs that include your messaging and branding and send your message out and about to catch the attention of many potential customers.  Even if a company vehicle only drives about 15,000 miles per year, it will drive past 9 million other vehicles.

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we provide custom vehicle wraps for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, and trucks.  We can easily turn your entire fleet into mobile signage.

Put Signage on the Floor

This may seem counterintuitive, but people notice the flooring.  Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in which floor signage was used to encourage social distancing, people are more likely to notice signage and graphics on the floor.

You can use floor signage for many different things, from directing people through stores and special events to promoting sales.  Using some of the design tips discussed above to enhance the design of your signage will further help in drawing attention to the floor.

Add Texture

All signage from large format signs to business cards and flyers can benefit from adding a little texture.  Something as simple as putting a glossy finish or matte finish over your signage is enough to turn heads.  A glossy finish creates a more lustrous look while a matte finish creates a softer aesthetic.  You can use both textures within one sign design to accentuate certain elements of the design.  You can also consider experimenting with other textures to create the illusion of other materials like metal and wood.

Revamp Your Signage with Diving Signs and Graphics

If you want to change up your signage to create more eye-popping designs and draw more attention from potential customers, the tips discussed above can give your signage that WOW factor.  It is important to make sure your signage includes the familiar messaging and branding that people have come to associate with your business, and you can also take some creative liberties to give your familiar signage a little something extra.

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we provide complete design, printing, and installation services for a wide variety of signage including exterior signs, interior signs, vehicle wraps, windows, and more.  We will work with your business on developing a concept for the design of your signage and print the signage to your specifications.  We have helped many businesses in the Schaumburg, IL area create custom signage and we can ensure that you have eye catching signage that will get the attention of your customers.

To learn more about how we can help your business with your signage, call Divine Signs and Graphics at (847) 534-9220.

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August 15, 2022

Divine Signs

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