Window Graphics: The Time is Coming!

Window Graphics: The Time is Coming!

Window Graphics: The Time is Coming!

As the winter turns to spring, our customers begin to look at the exterior of their buildings for marketing opportunities. If your home is the Midwest (or anywhere that has sub 50 temps), you know that certain signage is dependent on weather. Window graphics is an excellent way to brand the exterior of your building, but requires warm weather for installation. This form of branding your building is extremely popular amongst our customers, and is highly sought after as temperatures get warmer. As the weather continues to rise, consider the following advantages of window graphics for your building.

  • Brand Reinforcement: Window graphics are an excellent way to carry your logo, colors, and company branding on to additional portions of your building. By adding window graphics to your building, you are bolstering your branding to anyone who enters or exits the building.
  • Complimentary to Existing Signage: The struggle with branding the exterior of your building, is sending ALL the messages you want your customer to receive. Use Divine Signs for example. We offer many different types of signage to our customers, but when we put up our exterior wall or ground sign, it is not always possible to include every product and service without taking away from our logo. So, although our exterior ground sign only says, “Divine Signs and Graphics”, our window graphics pick up where that sign leaves off. We installed graphics that list many of the signage categories we provide, which served as a great compliment to our exterior ground sign.
  • Attention Grabbing: Window graphics are also an excellent way to grab the attention of nearby customers. A bright, well designed window graphic package can gain the interest of someone walking by, or driving through the parking lot. Although they may not pull someone off the street, it can certainly help your building to stand apart from the rest.
  • Provides Vanity: There are a handful of our customers who utilize window graphics to provide vanity/privacy to the people inside their building, that also doubles as a marketing message. Businesses like health clubs, or Yoga/Pilate studios, use window graphics to minimalize the “fishbowl effect”. If you are exercising or stretching, the last thing you want is to feel like everyone walking by is staring at you. Window graphics are an excellent way for customers and employees to feel comfortable, while still marketing to those walking by!

If your building could use window graphics for any of the reasons above (or any reasons we forgot), call your friends at Divine! We can help to design, produce, and install window graphics to fit and optimize your building!

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March 21, 2017


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