Commercial Business Signage FAQ

Commercial Business Signage FAQ

Quality business signage is important for many reasons.  Signage not only gets the attention of potential customers and lets them know where your business is, but it also gives your business the opportunity to communicate with customers.  Effective signage should help people understand what your business is about and display your branding, including colors and images, that your customers will come to associate with your business.

Highly effective business signage with eye-catching designs has been shown to increase foot traffic, which leads to new customers and increased sales.  The following are some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the design, installation, and benefits of commercial business signage.

Add WOW to your business signage
Add WOW to your business signage

What is business signage?

Business signage is any type of visual display for a business, service, industry, or commodity that is meant to get the attention of customers.  Signage can be found inside and outside businesses and is used for branding, information, advertising, navigation, and safety and regulatory purposes.

Why is it important to use business signage?

Business signage is important for presenting your business to potential customers.  Your signage should convey who you are and what you do, and promote your branding, including your logo and colors.  A creatively designed sign helps your business stand out, and customers will come to associate the branding on your signage with your business.  This helps build familiarity and trust with your brand which makes customers more likely purchase your products or services.

What should be included on business signage?

There are many types of business signage that are used for different purposes.  The information that should be included on your business signage will depend on the purpose and location of the particular sign.  The following is the type of information that should be included on business signage:

• Business name

• Branding including colors, font, and logo

• Operating hours

• Contact information including phone number, email address, and website

• Address

• Products and services offered

• Promotions and special offers

• Directions to find the business and areas within the business

• Social media handles

• Safety information

Signage Audit
Signage Audit

What colors should I use for my business signs?

The colors you choose for your business sign should be consistent with your branding.  Make sure the colors of your branding match your type of business.  For example, a lawn care company may choose a natural color like green as one of their colors while a foodservice business may use the color red.

Color Psychology
Color Psychology

How legible should a business sign be?

Signs should be able to be clearly read from afar, featuring lettering size of at least 1 inch for every 25 feet of distance.  When it comes to digital signs typically viewed from 7–10 feet, opt for a sans-serif font such as Arial, Helvetica, or Verdana.  A 20–30-point font is visible from 7 feet, while a 100-point font is legible from 26 feet.

Where should business signs be placed?

In general, business signs should be placed in a location where they are clearly visible and not hidden behind buildings, vegetation, or other signage.  Outdoor business signage should be placed where it can be seen by drivers and pedestrians passing by your business.  You should consider lighting up outdoor signage so it can be seen better at night.  Indoor signage should be placed at a level where it can be easily seen and read.

How can I make signage that stands out?

The following elements can contribute to an eye-catching design that grabs the attention of your customers:

• Unique fonts and graphics

• Bold colors

• Clear typography

• Branding including colors and logos

• Illuminating outdoor signs

• Current design trends

Head-turning Signage

How do I choose the right signage for my business?

The signage you choose for your business should effectively communicate your message, reflect your brand identity, and attract customers.  You should consider the following to ensure that the signage you choose is the best signage for your business:

Understand your goals: Determine the purpose of the signage, whether it’s to increase brand visibility, promote products and services, provide information, or guide customers.

Know your audience: Consider your target audience and their preferences so you can tailor the design and message of your signage to grab their attention.

Consider your budget: Your budget will influence the type, size, and complexity of your signage.

Assess location and visibility: Consider the location of where the sign will be installed as well as factors such as foot traffic, visibility from the road, the surrounding environment, and local regulations.  Choose signage that will stand out in that location.

Choose the right type of signage: Depending on your budget and purpose, make sure you choose the right type of signage as storefront signs, window graphics, vehicles wraps, banners, and sidewalk signs can all be used effectively for different purposes.

Focus on branding: Your signage should always reflect your branding, including colors, font, and graphics, no matter what type of signage.

Consider longevity and maintenance: Consider the local climate and ease of maintenance when choosing materials for your signage.  Signage made from high-quality materials may have a higher upfront cost, but it can last for many years.

Work with a signage company: Professionals who design, create, and install signage can provide valuable insight to help you choose the best signage for your business based on your needs and budget.

Wall Murals
Wall Murals

What are the benefits of working with a sign company?

Sign companies have experience creating and installing quality signage and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  These professionals can help you choose a type of signage and materials that work for your purposes and within your budget.  They can also help you develop the design concept for your signage.

Working with a sign company is also highly beneficial when it comes to the installation of your signage.  These professionals know what materials work best in your climate and have knowledge of local ordinances and laws regarding restrictions on signage.  They will also ensure that your signage is installed correctly so it will last for years.

What should I look for in a commercial sign company?

When looking for a commercial signage company to help with your signage, make sure they are familiar with local ordinances and laws as they pertain to signage and that they will acquire the permits for the installation.  You should also ask what their process is as a reputable sign company should be able to help with the design process, choosing signage types and materials, creating the sign, and ensuring quality installation.  Don’t forget to check out some of their previous work to gauge the quality of their signage.

Ideally, you should choose a signage company who will understand your vision and work with you to create signage that matches your vision while staying within your budget.

Window Graphics
Window Graphics

Should I hire a designer to create custom designs for my business signage?

If you do not have a graphic designer working for your business and you have it in the budget, you should work with a professional designer.  They can provide you with a sharp, eye-catching design that incorporates your message and branding. Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can help with your custom design.

What should I know before reaching out to a signage company?

Before you reach out to a signage company, it helps to have an idea of the type of signage you are looking for as well as the design for the sign.  Working with a sign company generally includes the following steps:

Consultation: During this stage, you will meet with the sign company to discuss your ideas and determine the best type of sign for your purpose.

Designing: The design is created and submitted for your approval before being finalized.  

Obtaining permits: The signage company will obtain the permits necessary for the installation.

Construction and installation: The signage will be professionally installed in accordance with local codes and ordinances.

How often should I update my business signs?

Quality signage should last for many years with proper maintenance and repairs when needed.  You should consider replacing your signage if it has become worn out, illegible, or damaged to the point that it is not worth the repairs.  You may also need to update your signage if your business rebrands.

Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wraps

Custom Business Signage from Divine Signs

Effective business signage benefits businesses by contributing to the trust and familiarity of their brand and bringing in more customers which ultimately leads to more revenue.  Business signage is also a sound investment as they can last many years and bring in a lot of new customers in that time.  If you are ready to create quality custom signage for your business, our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can help.

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we provide design and installation services for all types of business signage including exterior signage, interior signage, window graphics, vehicle wraps, and more.  Our professionals will work with you to finalize the design and choose the materials for your signage.  You can expect expert installation and signage that lasts for many years.

Call Divine Signs and Graphics at (847) 534-9220 to get started with your sign project.

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March 18, 2024

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