Be prepared for winter with these signage tips:

Invest in Weatherproof Signage

Proper outdoor sign maintenance starts from the very beginning … with choosing signage materials that will last. Weather proof signage stands up to sun damage, rain, sleet, snow, as well as wear and tear from daily use. Our team of signage experts know how to choose the right material for each individual job, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Outdoor Signage
Outdoor Signage

Schedule Regular Outdoor Signage Maintenance

With your weatherproof signage installed, you are ready to begin scheduling regular outdoor sign maintenance to keep it in good working order. Proper sign maintenance is a multi-step process that involves securing the area around the sign (particularly if it’s high up), accessing it, disassembling it, repairing/cleaning/inspecting it, and putting it all back together again.

This is why many business owners rely on professional signage companies to handle their maintenance. Having the right equipment and the proper know-how can prevent ongoing issues from causing costly damage or becoming a fire hazard. It also frees owners up to do what they do best —running their business — rather than sitting atop a ladder for a portion of the day.

Do Wear and Tear Checks

In between regular outdoor signage maintenance, it is essential for business owners to take the time to do regular checks to make sure their signage is functional and free of serious wear and tear. If you can catch problems early, you can address them before they become an eyesore and begin to affect your customers’ ability to make out your signage.

Common wear and tear to watch for include dirty signage, damage and dullness caused by weather, and burned out or broken lights. Bad weather and gloomy conditions will only compound these problems, so if you notice them, it is best to have them addressed immediately even if your next maintenance appointment is some time away. If you notice something, the odds are that your customers/potential customers notice it too. How does your signage represent the business you run? Great signage can invoke feelings of a professional, clean, well-branded and taken care of business. But what about businesses that lack quality signage? Potential customers may think that if a company does not care about their image or updating old branding, they may lack that care elsewhere too.

Maximize Your Winter Visibility

Spending a bit more money to make sure your signs are properly illuminated is always a good idea. In fact, the International Sign Association lists sign illumination among one of their top priorities for proper visibility. Simply having a sign that lights up is not enough, however; wintertime creates a special set of conditions that can make spotting your sign nearly impossible.

Weatherproof Signage

Among the top tips to improve wintertime sign visibility are making sure your sign is bright enough to be spotted even in inclement weather. That way, it will be a beacon that will beckon customers in even in the midst of rain or snowstorm. When winter hours and the end of Daylight Savings change the time the sun goes down, business owners need to adapt by ensuring that their lighting timers are set to come on in time for the earlier sunsets.

Weatherproof Signage

Wintertime is hard on everyone and everything that must spend time exposed to the elements — and your outdoor signs are no exception. By taking care of outdoor signage maintenance before harsher weather conditions, you can help mitigate the worst of the wintertime wear and tear … and keep your business signage shining brightly for seasons to come.

Contact our team of signage experts to be sure your signage is ready to face the storm!


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October 7, 2021

Brooke Maloney

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