The Difference is Night and Day

The Difference is Night and Day

Outdoor signage, in most cases, is the first impression your company makes to customers and pedestrians. There is a large audience who sees your exterior signs because it grabs the attention of those driving or walking by. Why not make that first impression, impressive?

Outdoor signage, like most of our products, has countless options to choose from that best fit your business. The sign above was created in order to display a high-end look during the day, and an eye catching look at night. This sign is a double sided monument sign with a black painted aluminum cabinet, custom formed panels that are raised and backlit, mirror finish letters, and push-through lighted acrylic. Overall, a very impressive impression. If this monument sign is not exactly what you are looking for, we can create you a completely custom sign to your liking. Monument Signage can be illuminated or non-illuminated, sandblasted, full color, aluminum, brick or stone, and the list goes on!

Monument signage is not the only solution for your exterior sign needs. At Divine, we can create many types of exterior signage solutions that best fit you company. Banners, illuminated and non-illuminated wall signs, awnings, and wall graphics and wraps, are just a few examples of what we can do to spruce up your exterior.

You can never get your first impression back, so make it impressive. A sharp, eye catching, outdoor sign is just what your business needs to stand out. If you are lacking exterior signage, give us a call and we can turn your idea into a reality. Trust us, the difference will be Night and Day.

December 23, 2015


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