Vehicle Wraps and Graphics FAQ

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics FAQ

A fleet of company trucks or a single vehicle can be turned into effective mobile advertising. Vehicle wraps are a practical way for companies to bring awareness to their brand, services, or products. Here are commonly asked questions and answers to boost confidence in the power of vehicle wraps.

Q: What are vehicle wraps?

Vehicle wraps are business signage applied to the body or window of a company vehicle. The custom-made mobile advertisement is typically printed on vinyl with a matte or gloss finish and sealed over the body of a car, van, or truck. Vehicle wraps are designed for promotional purposes.

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Q: What information should vehicle wraps include?

Companies enjoy incredible freedom when they opt for a vehicle wrap. The sign can include important business information, such as the company name, logo, and contact information. The company tagline or other pertinent details can be emblazoned over the vehicle via a vehicle wrap.

Q: Should vehicle wraps include lots of detail?

Overloading the vehicle wrap with excessive details is not advised. This is because clutter is harder to read on a passing vehicle than basic messaging. Companies with strong existing branding say a lot more with simply their business name, logo, and colors.

Q: What colors pop on vehicle wraps?

As with the promotional messaging, companies have a great deal of liberty when choosing the colors printed on the vehicle wrap. Colors may match the look of the vehicle or stand out. Many businesses choose to showcase their colors, thereby building brand awareness.

Q: What wrap options are available?

Vehicle wrap options are varied, with some companies choosing a partial wrap to convey their brand, and others opting for a full vinyl wrap to boldly communicate their message. Perforated window films, commercial wraps, and removable magnetic vehicle signs are among the many options.

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Q: How long do vehicle wraps last?

The average lifespan of a well-made vehicle wrap is 3 to 5 years. However, this form of moving advertisement is exposed to the elements, like snow, rain, and sun, which affect how long it endures. Vehicle wraps are a cost-effective option, as they last several years.

Q: How effective are vehicle wraps?

When vehicle wraps are seen by tens of thousands of people each day, a company knows they are getting their message out. Most people remember the brand identities showcased on a vehicle wrap. Whether moving or parked, the vehicle delivers the company’s messaging.

Q: Do vehicle wraps damage the paint?

Especially when they are not left for too long, properly installed vinyl wraps do not damage the vehicle’s paint. On the contrary, wraps protect against the UV rays of the sun, scrapes, and chips. Furthermore, vinyl wraps shield the vehicle from the elements, which preserves its paint and finish.

Q: What size of business benefits from vehicle wraps?

Whether a company is large or small, all they need to take advantage of the wide visibility of the vinyl wraps is a fleet or a single car. Small businesses successfully advertise their services with vehicle wraps. Large companies with extensive fleets of vehicles double their advertising power.

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Q: What are signs of wear and tear on vehicle wraps?

As mentioned, a professionally made vehicle wrap can last up to five years. Age can cause wear and tear on the vehicle wrap. Cracking, peeling, fading, and discoloration are visual signs that the wrap is due for a replacement. It’s important that the wrap always looks impressive.

Q: What types of vehicles can vinyl wraps be applied to?

Company cars that employees drive for business or travel are suitable to communicate the company’s messaging. Similarly, delivery vans and trucks provide exposure when covered in vehicle wraps. Fleets of company trucks are additional options for businesses that want to spread their message far and wide.

Cars, however, are not the only type of vehicle that can be fitted with vinyl wraps. Buses, with their broad and flat surface, are ideal for advertising, especially since they cover several miles each day. Boats likewise can be fitted with waterproof vinyl wraps and promote the business in marinas.

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Q: How much do vehicle wraps cost?

The cost of a custom-made vehicle wrap depends on several variables. However, companies can expect to pay between $2,500 and $5,000 for a high-end vinyl wrap. Compare this cost to painting a car to reflect the brand, which can cost $3,000 up to $10,000 per vehicle.

Q: Why should companies hire professionals?

Vehicle wraps can be a DIY project. A long-lasting vehicle wrap, however, requires professional printing and installation. Hiring a company experienced in designing and applying vinyl wraps also ensures the wrap is properly fitted to the vehicle for a seamless appearance.

Call Divine Signs and Graphics

Today’s businesses are on the road, making product deliveries and providing in-home services. Take advantage of these unlimited advertising opportunities by installing a quality vehicle wrap from Divine Signs and Graphics. Our experts customize a vehicle wrap to raise brand awareness.

The process of creating a stunning vehicle wrap starts with discussing your vision with our designers. Our project managers get to work right away to bring your idea to life. We provide a mockup prior to printing; once approved, our high-quality printers print your design.

Whether your company owns a fleet of trucks or you are a one-person business, Divine Signs and Graphics’ car wraps will boost your presence. We’ve created vehicle wraps for local plumbers, food trucks, electricians, roofers as well as large fleets of company trucks.

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Vehicle wraps are ideal forms of advertising for businesses that lack a storefront as well as companies with a physical location. We offer various options, such as full and partial car wraps, vinyl lettering applied directly to the vehicle, and perforated window film with eye-catching graphic designs.

Choose Divine Signs and Graphics when you aim promote your company’s brand, services, or products through high-quality vinyl wraps. We serve businesses in Schaumburg, Illinois. Call our office today and elevate your company’s promotional strategies with gorgeous custom vehicle wraps.

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April 18, 2024

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