Build Brand Awareness with Vehicle Wraps

Build Brand Awareness with Vehicle Wraps

Whether your organization has a single car, a dozen vans, or a fleet of trucks, custom vehicle wraps and graphics will turn heads at all hours of the day and night, building awareness of your company with each and every mile.

Wraps are a great way to give your vehicle a whole new look while protecting the original paint job. As a cost-effective alternative to repainting, wrapping is the right solution if you want to transform your vehicle's appearance without paying for a full custom paint job.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps:

1. Visibility

Studies support that a vehicle wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 views per day. That is at the least 400,000 impressions per year! Better yet, according to a recent survey, 95% of people said that they remembered the graphics and brand identities they saw on vehicle wraps. Even when parked, your businesses message is being seen by everyone who walks or drives past your vehicle. The greatest thing about the visibility of vehicle wraps is that there is no discrimination as far as demographic targeting is concerned. Everyone is able to see your wrapped vehicle and brand identity through this extremely effective form of advertising.

2. Advertising

Vehicle wraps create a mobile billboard for your business that will reach potential customers on the go. With a vehicle wrap, you do not have to share your space with any other advertiser, making your message more memorable per impression.

3. Innovative Marketing Concept

Due to the unique nature of this medium, partnered with eye-catching designs, marketing studies have supported that vehicle wrap impressions are actually read and remembered better than most other forms of advertising because it is considered less intrusive than television and radio advertisements.

4. Longevity and Durability

Vehicle Wraps printed with quality inks on quality cast vinyl and protected by a cast laminate typically last up to five years, allowing you to get the most out for your investment. This ensures that your ad space retains its vibrant colors and finish to promote your company and brand for years.

5. Protects Vehicle Paint and Finish

A vinyl wrap is one of the best ways to protect against UV rays, the elements weathering your paint, scrapes, and chips while also preserving your paint.

6. Easy Removal/Repair

Our team of professional installers can cleanly remove a wrap and eliminate all traces of the installation safely and effectively to ensure no damage to the surface.

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“Using Divine for our truck wraps was the best experience from start to finish.”

Amy E. - Marketing Manager

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January 29, 2020

Mike Miller

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