Summer Signage Tips

Summer Signage Tips

The warm, extended days of summer mean people are out and about—and catching a glimpse of a well-maintained business sign is inevitable. When outdoor signs are crisp, clean, and attractive, potential customers may be drawn into the store. Follow these tips to make a summer sign pop.

Firstly, the summer heat can heavily impact an exterior sign. Summer temperatures across the country can skyrocket to over one hundred degrees. Protecting an outdoor business sign should be a priority, not only to maintain a dignified presence but to pique the interest of passersby.

While people enjoy basking under the sun’s rays, sun damage can occur to signs consisting of certain materials. Discoloration can damage vinyl signs, for instance, by burning the material and washing away its rich colors. Not only is the discoloration unsightly, but the sign’s structure is weakened.

The intense summer heat can also crack an outdoor sign. Heat dries up the sign’s material, causing brittleness. After a period of time, the exterior sign can gradually deteriorate. When signs are painted over, the paint can crack, especially on aluminum signs.

Lighted signs are impacted by the summer heat, damaging the electronics and light bulbs. If the interior components of the lighted sign overheat during the blistery summer months, they can fail. A dark sign can’t be seen and no longer serves its purpose under the cover of nightfall.

Tip 1: Lessen Summer Damage

Businesses are advised to limit potential damage to their summer signs. Use heat-resistant materials when constructing outdoor summer signage. Exterior signs become more durable against summer’s high temperatures when resistant varieties of paint and rust-resistant metals are utilized.

Keep a lighted sign functional even in summer by placing them in the shaded areas of the storefront. Proper installation is key to ensuring the longevity of the electrical components. Adequate ventilation also keeps the interior parts of the lighted summer sign from overheating.

Summer Signage
Summer Signage

Tip 2: Ensure Signs are Legible

Protecting the summer sign from the effects of sun and heat is one part of presenting the best business signs. Another important tip is to make sure the company signs are clear and easy to read. Customers easily read legible signs, like those highlighting a summer promotion.

Tip 3: Install Temporary Signs

Consider installing temporary exterior or custom indoor signs to bring in customers eager for seasonal products or fresh, summer-themed entrées. A temporary sign is also useful to communicate extended summer hours, which allow customers to take advantage of the long summer days.

Summer Signage
Summer Signs

Colorful, eye-popping signs that mimic the cheeriness people feel during the leisurely summer months can be a major draw—especially for businesses situated in popular tourist areas or beach towns where competing storefronts vie for the short-lived attention of passersby.

Tip 4: Utilize Directional Signs

The inviting summer weather encourages restaurant patrons to dine on the patio or theater-goers to meander to outdoor seating areas. Directional signs are a business’ ally in helping customers and visitors navigate to the ideal summer spots for a bite to eat or a show to watch.

Guests can become lost during grand-scale outdoor gatherings. Businesses aiming for a successful event should assist visitors with navigational clues. Pavement graphics, for instance, double as directional cues as well as branding materials. Directional signs help people exit the event safely.

Directional Sigs Tips
Wayfinding Signage Tips

Tip 5: Use Signs for Branding

Summer signs placed throughout the grounds where exciting outdoor gatherings are held work to maximize event themes. Digital signs and outdoor graphics are suitable for branding purposes. Branded graphics are especially recommended to ensure on-point branding for the hosting company.

Tip 6: Prioritize Safety

A plethora of outdoor events are scheduled during the summer season. When crowds of attendees funnel to and from an outdoor venue, it’s important to protect them with ADA and safety signage. These signs offer guidance to those with special needs, making the event welcoming for everyone.

ADA and Wayfinding Signs
ADA and Wayfinding Signs

Tip 7: Install Digital Signs

Real-time information is appreciated by visitors attending live events in summer. A range of helpful information, such as event updates or weather forecasts, can be displayed on digital signs. These signs can also serve to promote upcoming summer events as well as display current social media feeds.

Digital signs are recommended for businesses that cater to tourists each summer or storefronts that are located in busy areas. Since information in these heavily populated locales often changes readily, businesses keep customers happy by presenting them with important updates.

The summer season offers numerous advantages for businesses. When the hottest months of the year approach, stores should prepare with heat-resistant outdoor signs, temporary summer signs, informative directional and safety signs, digital signs, and attractive signs that communicate the company’s brand.

Contact Divine Signs and Graphics

Make the best of summer by working with the sign design team at Divine Signs and Graphics. We can fulfill your vision for any type of interior signage or exterior signage. Customization is an important part of our process, and you can expect a sign that delivers your message while being on-brand.

Summer Signage
Summer Signage

Our interior sign options are limitless. We excel in conceptualizing, building, and installing interior logo signs that give your business a professional appearance, 3D interior signs for a contemporary look, informative signs, and aesthetically pleasing decorative signs that welcome your visitors.

Similarly, our range of exterior signage is vast. Our skilled specialists are experts in outdoor lighted business signs that remain protected in the heat of summer, ground signs that can be designed in any shape, eye-catching monument signs for parking lots, and etched sandblasted signs.

Whether your goal is to present a professional image during summer or any other time of year, Divine Signs and Graphics is your trusted sign creation, design, and installation partner. We work with area businesses to help them best reflect their unique brand and personality.

Our Schaumburg, Illinois, office caters to companies large and small in the neighboring areas. When you are contemplating developing a new business sign, choose Divine Signs and Graphics. We are ready to discuss your interior or exterior sign project. Call us today.

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July 14, 2023

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