Tips for Branding Your Window Graphics

Tips for Branding Your Window Graphics

Effective interior signage is important for all types of businesses as it can help direct customers and visitors around the building, advertise special sales and promotions, and increase familiarity and trust in your brand.  While many business signs take the form of wall signs, banners, or stand-alone signs, businesses that have storefront windows and glass doors can benefit from incorporating window graphics and signage.

Window graphics and signage are applied directly to windows and can be installed to the exterior side as well as the interior side of windows and doors.  They are made from a type of film, typically vinyl, that adheres to the glass without causing damage.  Window graphics and signage are highly effective for drawing in new customers, especially when displayed on windows in areas with a high volume of foot traffic or drive-by traffic.  There is a lot of freedom when it comes to the design of window signage and an eye-catching design can bring more people through your door, possibly leading to increased sales and revenue.

In this guide, we will explain the most common types of window signage and discuss tips for effective branding of your window signage and graphics.  If you have an idea for window signage for your business, our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can help with the design, printing, and installation of your signage.

Types of Window Signs and Graphics

When it comes to window signage and graphics, it is important to determine the type of signage and materials you want to use.  These materials can be used for full cover signage or individual lettering that can be applied across the window.  The following are the main types of window signage:

Transparent graphics: As the name suggests, transparent window graphics can be seen from both sides of the window.  You can incorporate graphics and text on these signs and only the colored portion of the graphic will be visible once applied to the window.

Translucent graphics: Translucent window graphics are transparent, but they are designed to be backlit which makes them visible at night.

Perforated graphics: Perforated window graphics are see-through from one side, allowing people inside the building to see out while blocking people outside the window from seeing in.  Small holes in the film allow the graphics to be see-through from the inside while the graphic displays vibrantly to the outside.  These types of window graphics are ideal for displaying signage on large windows while preserving privacy.

Opaque graphics: Opaque graphics are window graphics that are typically solid colors and printed on film.  The graphics and text are made from film that is not see-through.

Etched glass: Etched glass signs have a sophisticated look as detailed graphics, logos, and text can be etched into the glass surface.  Glass signage can also be frosted and beveled and lit up with LED lights.  You can create the same look as etched glass for a fraction of the cost with etched glass vinyl.

Window Signs and Graphics

Tips for Making the Most of Your Window Signage

The design possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to window graphics and signage as you can incorporate images, graphics, branding colors, logos, and text to any type of window signage.  No matter what type of signage you choose or the design, it must get the attention of potential customers and effectively communicate your message and branding.

The following are tips to help you get the most out of your window signage and graphics:

Compelling call to action: Your window signage should have a clear and concise call to action that entices potential customers.  A message that prompts an immediate response can turn casual window shoppers into paying customers.

Incorporate eye-catching imagery: Designs for window signage can incorporate large, colorful imagery that attract attention.  Big, bold window graphics will let passersby understand the nature of your business.

Provide a measure of privacy: Certain types of window graphics, such as etched-glass vinyl and perforated signage, can provide a level of privacy as the graphics for these types of signage are not see through.

Add a touch of class to glass: Sign designs using clear vinyl can add a touch of elegance and branding on glass surfaces for upscale establishments.

Explore new ways to brand: Frosted, etched vinyl graphics are a creative and elegant way to showcase your corporate identity.  Etched vinyl graphics mimic the appearance of etched glass but at a fraction of the cost.

Highlight your logo: You can draw attention to your logo using bold, opaque graphics.  Opaque vinyl graphics in a large size are a “can’t miss” way to display your logo to passersby.

Show visitors the way: Wayfinding signage is important for helping your customers and visitors navigate your building.  When used indoors and outdoors, window films can support your wayfinding (i.e., directional signage) strategy.

Go with an attractive design: It is important to have an attractive design for your window signage to help get the attention of potential customers and bring them into your business.  Use window graphics to strengthen your branding and enhance your décor while grabbing the attention of those walking by.

Consider a one-way treatment: You can use the entire space of your window without taking away the view with perforated window graphics.  These graphics showcase your message to those who are looking in while shoppers peering out get a clear view.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics and Signage from Divine Signs

Window graphics and signage can be an excellent addition to your signage strategy.  This type of signage allows you to make use of large windows to further promote your business and branding and attract more potential customers into the building.  With window signage, you can create designs that incorporate your logo, branding colors, images, graphics, and text and use bold colors and imagery that are sure to grab attention.

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we can help businesses design and install all types of window graphics and signage.  We will work with you to finalize your design based on your idea and we can print and install the signage on your windows.  You can expect bold, vibrant window signage and graphics that will last for many years.

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May 17, 2024

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