Reasons to Upgrade Your Lobby Signs

Reasons to Upgrade Your Lobby Signs

A well-designed lobby sign gives visitors and customers their first impression of the company. A worn, lackluster lobby sign powerfully conveys negative messages to potential customers. Rather than continue to hang a sign that performs poorly, upgrade and revitalize the entire lobby space.

Businesses that operate out of a physical location understand the importance of maintaining the commercial property. Large-scale, onsite renovations may be necessary. Or minor upgrades, such as installing lamps that imitate natural light, can boost employee morale within the company.

Lobby signs are no different than other physical aspects of the office that may require the occasional upgrade. Ensuring the lobby sign functions at peak performance impresses not only visitors, but also vendors, suppliers, partners, and even the company’s dedicated employees.

A faded lobby sign fails to impress guests. Rather, a worn sign may likely cause them to reconsider the motivations behind the business, even signaling to visitors that the company does not take pride in its services and no longer pays attention to the quality of its goods and services.

Lobby Sign Brushed Aluminum

1. Deteriorated Signage

A lobby sign illuminated by reverse-lit channel letters is visually appealing. Its energy efficient lightbulbs can be lit in any of several colors, from bright blue to neon green. This type of lobby sign brightens up any lobby and has the power to influence visitors in a positive way.

But when one of the LED bulbs goes out, the sign will appear to be in shambles—and it will fail to deliver the positive business message as intended. While the cost-effective tactic of replacing the fused bulb is an option, so is upgrading the business sign.

Cracks in the lobby sign are a normal part of everyday wear and tear. A small crack at one corner of an acrylic lobby sign can grow bigger and may be joined by more cracks. A tiny chip on one letter could cause the entire letter to eventually break off.

Visitors viewing the deteriorating sign will remain unimpressed, even walking away from the business because of the negative message it conveys. Damaged lobby signs call for an immediate replacement. Conduct an audit of other signs in the corporate office to determine if they need an upgrade, too.

Acrylic Lobby Sign

2. New Brand Messaging

Companies are no stranger to fine-tuning their brand. Company colors may be changed, or the company logo itself may undergo a major rehaul. Business slogans may be modified to better represent new services or goods being offered. Expansion of any kind may prompt the company to rebrand.

The lobby sign is a part of the company’s marketing materials. A company can go as far as developing a new name, symbol, or other visual assets. Whenever rebranding occurs and the company’s corporate image changes, an upgraded lobby sign should be in the works.

Consistent branding and messaging should be top of mind for business owners who intend to succeed. One way to express growth and transformation is to upgrade the lobby signs. Prominent, new lobby signage best reflects the current services, goods, and overall offerings a company provides.

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3. Uninspired Customer Response

Customer responses are indicative of the lobby sign’s success. While a lobby sign may be visually appealing, it may fail to impact guests as intended. The lobby sign will ideally exude comfort and help persuade the customer to place trust in the company’s services and products.

When the existing lobby sign no longer impresses, an upgrade may work in the company’s favor. A new lobby sign can be designed to enhance the ambiance in the lobby area, even contributing to a welcoming office environment and helping the brand stand out.

Light sources and their directions as well as the wall colors and textures can invoke a positive or negative emotion. Similarly, well-designed lobby signs can encourage the same. A stimulating lobby sign creates a feeling of security and expresses creativity. A sign upgrade can deliver these experiences.

An inspiring lobby is also one that lets first-time visitors know that they are in the right place. Without this key piece of information, uncertainty will arise. Avoid losing potential customers by ensuring the lobby sign conveys critical information—and oftentimes, an upgrade accomplishes this task.

A growing or established company may experience changes to their name, tagline, or logo. Delays in upgrading the lobby signs reverses all the gains made in expanding in the first place. Failing to upgrade the lobby sign as soon as it is warranted can be costly, since customers may be lost.

An aesthetically pleasing, effective lobby sign accomplishes a lot, benefitting the company in a myriad of profitable ways. Remember that a typical company will cater to not only one guest, but potentially hundreds of visitors per week. An investment in a sign upgrade is unequivocally worth the time and cost.

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Call Divine Signs and Graphics

When you plan to revamp your lobby signs, choose the number one local company behind visually appealing and effective signage: Divine Signs and Graphics. We handle both interior and exterior sign upgrades every day. Our expertise lies in the creative design and installation of corporate signage.

Divine Signs and Graphics has produced invigorating lobby signs for businesses of all sizes. Our signs are prominently displayed in offices, government buildings, universities, and museums. We develop not only lobby signs but a wide range of creative, professional environmental signs and ADA compliant signage.

Our sign design team approaches the task by first surveying the building in which the sign will be installed. Your concept is fitted to the space, and the sign is printed for installation. Upon installing the lobby sign, our installation crews ensure it exudes polish and professionalism.

Whether your company is in the market for upgraded lobby signs or any other types of business signs, Divine Signs and Graphics is your one-stop shop for custom design and professional installation. Call our Schaumburg, Illinois, office and revitalize not only your signage but your business, too.

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