5 Tips for Rebranding Your Facility Inside and Out

5 Tips for Rebranding Your Facility Inside and Out

Rebranding offers you a chance to refresh your signage and renew interest in your operation! It is also an excellent occasion to re-examine your strategy. Are you using the latest sign technologies? Are you allowing prime promotional “real estate” to go to waste? Follow these tips to make the most of your space.

1. Go to the wall with vinyl graphics

Vinyl has so much to offer in terms of visual appeal, quality, cost, and versatility. With these benefits, it is no surprise that vinyl is the go-to choice for many businesses of different shapes and sizes. Don’t overlook your windows and even floors! Today’s vinyl options offer attractive and affordable ways to post logos, feature mission statements and display branding graphics wherever your heart desires!

Grainger Wall Sign

2. Know that acrylic standoffs are standouts

Add interest to any logo, accomplishment, or message by framing it in clear acrylic and mounting it away from the wall with standoffs. Standoff mounting hardware creates a three-dimensional display without the use of a frame. Secured through the sign, the screws mount it off the wall for a clean, professional look. High-quality mounting options like standoffs will give your sign installation a premium finish. They can secure any type of signage to walls, doors, etc. to gain a dramatic, 3D effect that will be sure to capture attention! 

3. Make a name for yourself in three dimensions

Two-dimensional signs work well in many applications, but nothing catches the eye like that third dimension of depth. Dimensional signage is not just for logos! Use dimensional signage anywhere you want to capture attention and add visual appeal. These custom signs can be used to showcase a recognition display or to direct fans to certain areas or attractions. To add an extra element, consider LED back lighting to bring your custom signage to an even higher level. Our on-site CNC router allows our design team to think and create in 3D to give your signage exciting dimension! Dimensional signage can be installed to almost any wall surface in your facility.

The Reserve at Deer Park Sign

4. Show your colors as you show the way!

Wayfinding signs are the most intuitive signs you can offer visitors. Think about it—last time you were lost in the airport or looking for something in the grocery store, you probably starting looking for signs to point you in the right direction without even realizing it. These visual cues that you were looking for are known as wayfinding signs, which creates a system of signs, signals, and other visual cues to escort your customers throughout your facility in the most efficient manner possible. Apply your corporate colors, typeface and even your logo to your directional signs. You will enhance your branding, unify your décor and follow a wayfinding best practice! 

Southeast Wayfinding Sign

5. Get the hang of banners for branding

Many associate banners with promoting temporary events but for interior and exterior applications they can provide an attractive and long-lasting signage solution. Banners are cost-effective, completely customizable, durable and versatile.

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December 18, 2020

Brooke Maloney

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