Office Tips For A Greater Image

Office Tips For A Greater Image

Are you planning an office design makeover, but do not know where to start? Creating an office that will work for both your employees and your clients can be challenging, but not impossible.

The first step is assessing your needs and goals. Do you want to create a comfortable, creative, and private work space, or an open-concept office? Do you want to make the office brighter and lighter or more comfortable? Luckily, with a few tweaks, you can turn your office into a productivity hub.

Here are tips to improve your office design and uplift your company image using colors, textures, and fonts:

1. Make the Office Comfortable for Everyone

The key to a productive, bright, and positive workplace is making people feel comfortable in it. Even though offices are work settings, this does not mean they should be bland and sterile. In fact, the more textures, colors, plants, and signage you use, the more focused and productive the employees will be.

First, make sure the furniture you choose is comfortable to sit on for eight hours a day. Go for ergonomic desks and chairs, mousepads, keyboards, and computer screens. Then, make the lounge area as relaxing as possible by adding comfortable seating, coffee tables, books, and ambient lighting. Emphasize your branding and company missions throughout your space with wall graphics. Highlighting these aspects will give new visitors a better sense of who you are and will reiterate to employees the values of the company.

If you have a no-scent policy, instead of air diffusers, add air purifiers and humidifiers across the office to improve air quality. Keep the office clean at all times and add plants in each corner. You can also talk to your employees to see what they need to feel more comfortable.

Then, think about the clients that visit the office. They should also feel comfortable and appreciated, so have snacks and drinks ready. Another way to make customers comfortable is by setting up directional signage throughout the office to help them find what they need. No guest likes feeling lost inside a new space.

Blue Northwest Wayfinding Sign

2. Have a Color Theme

Bland and grey offices that do not have any color in them can lead to decreased productivity and bored employees. According to color psychology, each color has its own meaning and can influence a person’s mood, cognitive processes, and even productivity levels.

For example, offices with bright colors like yellow, green, red, and blue are more stimulating than soft and pastel tones. You can choose a few colors that work together well or one pop of color that will give the office a boost. You can use color in furniture, lighting, plants, artwork, and walls. Add a bright and bold wall wrap displaying your products, services, team and more!

Grainger Wall Graphics

3. Use Different Textures

Textures are an important aspect of the modern office and can bring creative energy to any space. There are textures in furniture, decorations, walls, and office signage. For example, the most visible texture in an office is fabric – whether it is on furniture, rugs, curtains, or chairs.

You can also choose tables and desks with a specific texture to make a statement. Doors can also have textures and patterns to make them more visually appealing. There is also texture in plants and greenery, lighting fixtures, and artwork. Digital prints create the feeling of texture on flat surfaces with rich colors and shadowing. Dimensional letters add dimension to your space, emphasizing your company name and logo.

NAIL Hiffman Lobby Sign

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Plants, greenery and environmental signage liven up the space and bring the outdoors inside. If your office is in downtown with no trees or parks in sight, bring in lots of plants and flowers. Real plants can increase the air quality in enclosed spaces and can be great for promoting a relaxing, stress-free work environment.

Another great way to make the office a beautiful space is to create a little rooftop or patio area where employees can take breaks. You can set up tables and chairs, lights, parasols, and greenery for those who want to work out in the open.

Configured to Grow Environmental Signage

5. Use Interactive Signs

If you work in a large office where clients come in person to do business, you need to set interactive signs for them. Signs are a great way to show people directions, help them with a task, provide information, or even capture client data. You will save tons of time and money with signage so you can focus on the client’s needs.

The fonts you use for your office signage are very important as well. Go for fonts that are easy to read from first glance. Choose large letters, no bright colors, and a neutral background to avoid sharp contrast. This will also give your customers confidence in your business and they will feel important and taken care of.

6. Keep the Design Simple

Simplicity and minimalism are not just a trend anymore. It is the way all future offices will be built to improve productivity and keep distractions to a minimum. Start by assessing the number and type of employees you have, the different departments, and the type of work you do.

For some people, an open-concept office works great. For others, it might be a distraction if they need peace and quiet to focus or to work with clients one-on-one. Simplicity works best when your focus is on productivity, so choose one interior design style, one color palette, and sleek, functional furniture.

Circular Office Signs

7. Give Your Office Design a Makeover With These Tips

Whether you work in a corporate environment or a modern open-concept office, you can make the office space work for you and your employees by using colors, textures, fonts, and design concepts.

From choosing a color palette with a pop of color to using custom signage and functional furniture, great office design can improve the mood and productivity in the office.

Ready to upgrade your office design and give it the makeover it deserves? Contact us today and let us pick the best signage for your office needs!

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July 15, 2021

Brooke Maloney

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