Don't Settle For Bland When You Can BRAND!

Don't Settle For Bland When You Can BRAND!

It is important for businesses to provide excellent products and services to be successful.  While this should be at the core of every business strategy, it is also important to effectively advertise your products and services, as well as your brand, to your customers to drive sales.  If your business operates out of a brick-and-mortar store or office, taking advantage of signage can help your business be more successful.

Vehicle wraps
Vehicle wraps

How Good Signage Works for Your Business

Effective use of signage can convey the quality of your products and services to your customers as well as your brand and company culture.  This helps potential customers get to know your business, which builds familiarity and trust that will lead to more sales.

Effective signage has been shown to work for your business in the following ways:

• Signage gets more people in the doors of your business as up to 52% of in-person shoppers come in after seeing exterior signage.

• Certain types of signage, including monument signs, pole signage, and large exterior signage, have been shown to directly increase sales.

• Exterior signage is seen by potential customers between 50 and 60 times each month on average.

• Around 35% of shoppers say that the signage for a business is what drew them into the store.

• Signage is as effective as a full-page newspaper ad but with a one-time cost as opposed to ongoing costs to keep an ad running.

• Exterior signage effectively advertises your business to new potential customers who move into your area.

• It has been shown that you can increase your sales and profits by up to 10% with updated signage.

• Signage never stops advertising for your business as they are up 24/7 and can be seen by anyone at any time.

• The following types of signage have been shown to increase revenue and sales:

- You can increase revenue by an estimated 9% with a monument sign.

- Large pole signs can provide an estimated 15% increase in sales.

- Chain identity signs in a plaza or strip mall can increase sales by over 7%.

- You can increase sales an estimated 9% with two directional signs.

- Replacing old signs with bigger and better lit signage can bring a more than 7% increase in revenue.

Monument Sign
Monument Sign

Don’t Settle for Bland When You Can Brand

Take advantage of the many signage opportunities to transform a plain office space into one that truly supports your identity and fully represents your company.  It doesn’t require a big budget, just some imagination and expertise.

1. Make a great first impression: Try a lobby display with acrylic standoffs or dimensional letters that catch attention and make for an especially attractive first impression.

2. Step up with custom floor graphics: Display your logo and messaging on your lobby floors, hallways, and stairwells.  Think about it, how often are people looking down towards their phones?  Put your brand in their sight!

3. Display your identity: Inspire visitors and employees alike by displaying your core values, mission statement, founder’s quotes, and other messages across your space.

4. Look up to ceiling graphics: Like everything else, ceiling graphics can be printed to almost any custom design.  Showcase cartoon characters over a pediatric waiting room or span an entire ceiling with a blue sky over your boating showroom.

5. Add class to glass with window graphics: The windows on interior doors, offices, and conference rooms are all great candidates for frosted vinyl graphics.  Use them to display your logo and extend your branding or to create privacy for offices and meeting spaces.

6. Show the way with a branded directory: Freestanding or wall-mounted office directories will show the way while also incorporating your corporate identity.

School signage
School signage

Benefits of Good Business Signage

Effective use of interior and exterior business signage can benefit your business in a number of ways from increasing sales to building trust in your brand.  The following are the main benefits when your business uses good business signage:

Better Customer Communication

Good signage communicates your brand as well as your products and services to your customers.  However, you need to avoid using too many signs as overstimulation can make your messaging less clear and confuse customers.  

You can avoid providing too much information while still improving customer communications by incorporating directional and safety signage with your interior signs.  Directional signs and safety signs help customers better navigate your store or office and they can be designed to include your branding.

Build Brand Identity

The branding of your business, including logos and colors, are a part of your identity as a company.  All of your signage, including interior, exterior, directional, and safety signage should be branded to help build your brand identity.  A strong brand identity will resonate more with your customers and help build trust and familiarity.

The design for your signage should incorporate the elements of your branding including fonts, font sizes, colors, logos, and graphics.  Working with a professional like Divine Signs and Graphics will help ensure that you have well-designed signage with your branding.

Vehicle branding
Vehicle branding signage

Reach Your Audience

Your signage, both exterior and interior, will help you reach your target audience.  Make sure your signage is clear and concise and placed in the right areas to reach your customers at the right time.  For example, the signage outside your store should be focused on drawing customers in while your signage inside the store should be appropriate for the section to improve the customer experience.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Signage may come with a higher upfront cost than other marketing strategies and materials, but you only have to pay for them once and they will last for years.  This makes good signage one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing.

Ready to Transform Your Interior Space with Branded Solutions?

Say no to blank, unbranded spaces!  Your space says a lot about the business you run.  How do you want people to feel when they enter your business?  What do you want them to remember when they leave?  

Follow these tips:

1. Make a great first impression with lobby signs.

2. Step up with custom floor graphics.

3. Display your identity with a mission statement, core values and other messages.

4. Look up to ceiling graphics. Use them to extend your branding.

5. Add class to glass with window graphics.

6. Show the way with a branded directory.

Divine Signs

Our sign experts at Divine Signs Inc. in Schaumburg, IL can help you take your space and create a fully branded experience.  Adding bold visuals and unique, custom made signs to your walls, floors, windows, vehicles, and MORE creates a strong impression and a sense of professionalism and good reputation for customers and employees alike.

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April 12, 2023

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