Can Acrylic Signs Be Used Outdoors?

Can Acrylic Signs Be Used Outdoors?

Can Acrylic Signs Be Used Outdoors?

Wood, metal, and glass signs do not compare to the benefits of choosing long-lasting acrylic signs—especially when hung outdoors. The latter offers durability and is weather-resistant. Despite the elements, acrylic signs, when placed outside buildings, provide a sleek look all year round.

What substance is used to manufacture acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are manufactured from a substance called methyl methacrylate monomer, which is familiarly known as plexiglass. These acrylic signs are used by businesses for a wide variety of outdoor uses, including lightboxes (illuminated outdoor signage) as well as channel letters.

The clean and sophisticated appearance of acrylic signage makes them a popular choice. Acrylic boasts a glass-like quality without the fragility. Its transparency and smooth finish are the basis for acrylic material being an ideal alternative to glass. Acrylic is also durable and incredibly versatile.

Are acrylic signs weather-resistant?

The reason acrylic signs can be successfully hung outdoors is that they are manufactured with tough, plastic materials. The durable plastic is resistant to all types of weather, even the harshest summer and winter conditions commonly found in the Midwest.

Dramatic weather conditions that produce golf ball sized hail or freezing rain can crack signs made with breakable materials. Acrylic signs, on the other hand, are shatter resistant. This means that a Chicagoland hailstorm will fail to destroy an outdoor acrylic sign.

Yet, no matter how durable outdoor acrylic signs happen to be, no outdoor sign is invincible. Business owners should be prepared to handle unanticipated damage by either repairing or replacing cracked outdoor signs. Outdoor acrylic signs that chip, for instance, cannot be repaired but must be replaced.

An added benefit of acrylic outdoor signs is that the acrylic will not rust or corrode. As a result, acrylic signs are protected from rust during prolonged rains. In fact, acrylic signs are water-resistant and chemical resistant. Unlike other materials, acrylic remains in optimal condition under UV light.

Wood signs, for instance, can fade when under the direct light of the sun. Other types of materials can wear down when exposed to sunlight. Businesses that opt for outdoor acrylic signs, however, can rest assured that the UV-resistant materials will preserve the integrity of the signs.

What are the benefits of using lightweight, outdoor acrylic signage?

Despite their extremely durable quality, acrylic signs are lightweight, especially in comparison to glass or wood signs. Being lightweight, acrylic business signs may be easily transported and installed. Due to these very features, acrylic signs are less likely to drop and shatter.

Since outdoor acrylic signs are lightweight, they can be easily hung on a commercial building’s rooftop. If the company relocates, transporting the lightweight acrylic sign will be a smooth, simplified process. Transportation costs for lightweight acrylic signs are less costly, too.

A wide range of thicknesses are available when considering an outdoor acrylic sign. Typically, the thicker the acrylic, the more durable it will be. Common thicknesses include 1/8, 1/4, 3/8and 1/2 inch. Sign companies may even offer 3/4 and 1-inch thicknesses for extra durability.

Sign sizes are just as wide-ranging. Popular outdoor acrylic signs can range from small, such as 24 x 24inches, to jumbo, such as 48 x 96 inches. Depending on the specific size, the product can be delivered as a single, seamless sheet to heighten its visual appeal.

Businesses that opt for acrylic outdoor signs receive several benefits. The primary advantage is that the acrylic signs last longer than business signs manufactured with other materials, which makes acrylic a cost-effective option for companies investing in long-term advertising solutions.

What type of cleaning regimen is expected with outdoor acrylic signs?

When maintained and with proper placement, the estimated lifespan of acrylic outdoor signs is five or more years. Maintenance is straightforward, requiring lukewarm water and anon-abrasive, micro-fiber cloth. Cleaning with soap should be done sparingly. Outdoor acrylic signs need limited, light cleaning.

Cleaning, while minimal, can become necessary when harsh weather leaves the outdoor acrylic sign covered in mud splatters or dust. The last thing a business owner needs is dirt obscuring the surface of the sign. Fortunately, as mentioned, outdoor acrylic signs are low maintenance.

Can outdoor acrylic signs be illuminated at night?

Acrylic outdoors signs can glamourize a business via a form of outdoor signage called lightboxes. A metal frame holds two pieces of acrylic sheets printed with graphics. In between the acrylic sheets is a lighting fixture. Night or day, the double-sided outdoor acrylic sign is beautifully illuminated.

Lightboxes, also known as backlit signs, are as durable as any other outdoor acrylic business sign. The lightboxes will need to be installed properly to withstand a wide range of harsh weather conditions. The downside is that lightboxes cannot be relocated without destroying the adhesive vinyl.

Work with a Professional Sign Company

When you’ve settled on an outdoor acrylic sign for your business, choose Divine Signs and Graphics. Our experienced professionals are experts in sign design and installation. We are your one-stop sign shop, as we handle the signage from the initial design stage to creation and to installation.

Your outdoor acrylic sign should show off your brand. We’ll customize your business sign and incorporate your business’ logos, colors and fonts. You can expect your outdoor acrylic sign to be a clean, professional, and crisp presentation that attracts your intended demographic.

Divine Signs and Graphics is skilled in creating a variety of outdoor business signs. We produce lighted business signs, ground signs, outdoor plaques, plaza signs, sandblasted signs, and monument signs. The sky is the limit when you work with our dedicated professionals to create the ultimate outdoor sign.

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April 12, 2021

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