What to Know About HDU Signs

What to Know About HDU Signs

Signs made of High Density Urethane better known as HDU have become the leaders when it comes to custom engraved signage.

Through improved access to information today, many purchasers of handcrafted signs have become aware of the sustainability and weather-related issues that come with carved wood signs. Most have also heard of the alternative substrate of choice - High Density Urethane - and many ask for HDU by name or description when ordering a carved sign. An informed customer gets the best value for money, and this move toward HDU faux wood signs is the way of the future.

These hand-crafted three-dimensional signs are designed by our creative graphic artists and then carved with a precision computer-controlled router, hand-finished, sand-blasted, and artist-brush painted by one of our expert craftsmen.

HDU Signs as a Popular Sign

HDU signs are one of the most popular choices for dimensional signs because of the unlimited finishes available. We offer HDU signs in a variety of finishes. You can select the finish that best represents your business. Not all HDU signs are "rustic". We produce a large amount of clean, contemporary HDU signs as well. No matter what your business image requires, we can find a custom HDU sign to fit your brand.

HDU signs are completely customizable. You design what you want your HDU sign to say about you and the service your business provides. A custom HDU sign allows you to tell clients exactly how you can help them as well as the benefit and the extent of the service you can provide them. Knowledge provides comfort and gives your marketing audience all the information they need, helping them contact your business with confidence.

A popular feature of dimensional HDU signs is the option of creating either a single or double-sided sign. Single sided signs can be attached to many surfaces and double-sided HDU signs offer the potential of being twice as effective, reaching your target audience coming and going.

Here is a behind the scenes look at the process of a single sided HDU sign:

Condominiums of Waterbury HDU Sign
Condominiums of Waterbury Colored HDU Sign

The following are main reasons why HDU has become the substrate of choice for carved signage:

  • HDU signs will not rot and warp like wood
  • HDU won’t dry and crack. Even cedar signs crack and dry out over time.
  • 100 % Waterproof
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Attractive variety of finishes custom fit for your brand
  • Knot-free
  • More character than flat signs
  • Strong, rigid and solid
  • One or two-sided signs available
  • Largest selections of thicknesses (1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 11/2”, 2”)
  • Available in any shape
  • Available in any size
  • Available in any color, design or style

Say goodbye to warped and cracked signs…

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February 19, 2020

Mike Miller

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