BOLD Event Signage!

BOLD Event Signage!

For almost two years, the pandemic put a hold on so many things in public life, including business events like tradeshows and conferences.  These types of events have since returned as businesses in many different industries are once again participating in exhibitions, conferences, tradeshows, seminars, workshops, corporate meetings, and other events.  If your business is returning to a tradeshow or conference that you attended regularly before the pandemic, why not grab the attention of the attendees with bold event signage?

Tradeshows and similar events are great places for businesses to demonstrate their products and services, learn about the latest in their industry, and network with other businesses and potential clients and customers.  Fostering these professional relationships starts with getting their attention at these events with bold, eye-catching signage that conveys your message and branding.  Tradeshow signage with impressive designs will get people to stop at your booth to learn more about your business.

In this guide, we will discuss tradeshow signage ideas that will help your event signage really standout and help generate interest in your business.  Our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics can work with you to create tradeshow signage for your next business event.

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Tradeshow signage

Interchangeable Signage for Registration Booths

The registration booth is the first thing attendees see when they enter an event.  If you are putting on or sponsoring the event, use interchangeable signage to get your signage on the booth so that attendees experience your branding right away.  This will help make a good first impression and get attendees thinking and talking about your business.

Free Standing Oversized Signage

Free standing oversized signage may take up a lot of space, but it demands attention as it can be seen from across a room, or even a big space like a conference hall.  If you have the space, using oversized signage will draw eyes directly to your business.  This is especially true with a bold, creative design.

PVC Signage

PVC and plastic signage is bold and durable and they can be easily transported and set up anywhere.  PVC plaque signage and lettering looks sleek and professional, and you can incorporate your branding including colors, fonts, and logos.

Light Up Signage

You can bring more attention to your signage by lighting it up with lighting tubes.  You can even get creative with the lighting and incorporate it into the design or branding of your signage by using lights that are the colors of your branding for example. Lit up signage also looks great on stage.

Neon Lighting

Neon lighting can also quickly grab the attention of people walking by and it gives off a retro feel.  You can also get creative with your neon signage with interesting fonts and designs and colors that match your branding.  Customized neon lighting can be costly, but the signage can be used at all future events.

Furniture Signage

If you are hosting an event, you can make furniture such as chairs and tables into signage for your business.  You can print your company name and logo onto the backs of plastic chairs and use branded table covers with your message and branding.

Large Vinyl Decals

If there are large walls or windows on stage or in your booth area, you can use these surfaces to install large vinyl signs.  These large signs give you the option of including your branding and logo as well as large images that will draw attention.  You can also take into account the light that will shine through the signage when used on windows.

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Wall event signs

Custom Wood Signage

Custom wood signage can be quite unique as they can feature 3D designs and lettering that convey your messaging and branding.  These signs also give visitors to your booth a welcoming, home-like feel.

Stair Wraps

You can make use of staircases at event venues with stair wraps to convey your messaging or branding.  Stair wraps can also be used as directional signage to guide attendees through the conference.

Embedded Printed Units

If you need signage that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, embedded printed units are a good option.  These units are best for more permanent installations such as in spaces that your business either owns or rents.

Sponsor Backdrops

A sponsor backdrop gives space for the sponsors of the event to be recognized and helps convey the identity of the tradeshow.  It also makes an excellent backdrop for pictures at your booth.

Staff T-shirts

Matching branded t-shirts for your staff will help them stand out and make them more approachable as attendees will easily be able to identify those from your company.  You can help grab the attention of attendees with colorful shirts that also feature your logo and branding.

Marquee Signs

Marquee signs are excellent for outdoor events as they attract a lot of attention and will be in the background of many of the photos taken at the event.  An original design and lights on a marquee sign will get the attention of attendees.


Stand alone banners are great for indoor and outdoor events as they are large and hard to miss.  Large print formatting allows you to put aesthetically appealing designs and graphics on them while conveying your messaging and branding.  These banners are also portable and can be used anywhere there is space.


Flag signs can be used pretty much anywhere, and they are a great way to indicate entrances and exits and direct attendees to different areas of an event.  You can include your branding and colors on the flags to help grab attention.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is versatile because you can put any message on the signage and easily change the messaging whenever you want.  You can also include graphics, images, animations, and videos on digital signage.

Free standing event signs

Event Signage from Divine Signs and Graphics

At Divine Signs and Graphics, we provide impactful signage for tradeshows and events that will grab the attention of attendees and improve awareness of your business and brand.  We can work with your business to create a design concept and we can also print and install the signage for your specific application.

Divine Signs and Graphics offers the following for bold event signage:

Pop up displays: These displays can attract attention with bold designs and can even be a backdrop for your booth and for pictures.  Create a backdrop that customers can’t miss.

Retractable banners: Our retractable banners are portable and can be set up in less than 90 seconds.  A sleek design on a retractable banner will help attract attendees to your booth.

Custom table covers: You can put the tables at your event to use with custom table covers.  Dress up your table and show off your business colors, logo, and more.

Promotional products: When meeting potential partners and customers at tradeshows, you can help make sure your brand is on their mind with promotional products.  Stand out from the crowd with personalized products that spread your name and leave a lasting impression.

Vinyl banners: Vinyl banners are quite large and can grab attention with bold designs.  Think big with durable tradeshow banners that display important messages and imagery.

If you want bold, impactful signage for an upcoming tradeshow, talk to our professionals at Divine Signs and Graphics.  We can create a variety of tradeshow and event signage that conveys your message and branding and grabs the attention of attendees.  You can call Divine Signs and Graphics at (847) 534-9220 for more information.

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October 12, 2022

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