When we say that we can Wrap anything, WE REALLY MEAN IT! Oftentimes when people hear the word “Wrap” or “Graphics” their first thought jumps to cars or walls. Although Cars and Walls are common things to wrap, the fun doesn’t end there!

  1. Conference Room Table: Although there is nothing wrong with a standard wood grain conference table, we were looking for a fun way to spice up our conference room table. So, our designers do what they do and came up with this awesome Pool Table Themed wrap! This full color, digitally printed table wrap took our standard conference table to the next level!
  2. Grand Piano: A church in the local community was looking for a way to transform their stage piano. Although the previous wood grain was beautifully done, it clashed with the refurbished sanctuary. The church was looking for a way to make the piano coordinate the rest of the sanctuary, but didn’t want to damage or paint the piano. PROBLEM SOLVED! The matte black wrap gave the piano the exact look the church wanted, and the peace of mind knowing that the wrap would not damage the paint. Not only is this wrap non-damaging, but it will actually PROTECT and PRESERVE the finish underneath. The best of both worlds!

Looking for a way to transform something in your business? You know who to call!

July 5, 2016


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