Where Should I Brand?

Where Should I Brand?

Where Should I Brand?

When you are renovating your new space, one of the main priorities is how you are going to brand this building. The ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that effectively and creatively displays your brand, but at the same time, does not overwhelm customers or employees. Throughout our years in this business, we have identified 3 spots that are perfect for your logo.

1. Lobby: Your lobby or main entrance is prime real estate for company branding. Oftentimes, your lobby is the first thing people see when they enter your building, or the area where they spend the most time waiting. Branding your lobby is a great place to introduce customers to your logo, and to acclimate them to the branding they will see throughout your building.

2. Conference Room: Conference Rooms are an excellent place to brand for a number of reasons.

  • Adds an Extra Layer of Professionalism: A well branded conference room creates a consistent and professional look that will surely impress customers or potential clients.
  • Amount of Time: Why not brand the place where customers or potential clients spend hours of time? By the time they leave, you want your logo ingrained in their mind!

3. Miscellaneous: Although this may seem vague or lacking detail, these miscellaneous places throughout your space add the finishing touches to your branding project. For example, our customer above decided to brand the podium in their presentation room. They realized that most speakers stand behind the podium, therefore, many eyes stare in that direction.

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February 24, 2016


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