We Can Wrap Anything!: Elevator Graphics

We Can Wrap Anything!: Elevator Graphics

The elevator bay/waiting area is a place where people sit and wait. It is one of the only places in your building where people stand and stare at the elevator doors waiting for the bell to ring and doors to open. Throughout the years we have been able to help many of our customers take advantage of this opportunity.

Elevator Graphics and Wraps are another excellent way to add that extra level of interior branding, and continue to send messages to the people in your building as they travel throughout your space. Elevator Wraps are so appealing to our customers for a number of reasons.

1. They are digitally printed. Like all of our graphics and wraps, elevator graphics are digitally printed. This means that any logo, photograph, color, or design element you would like to see, can be brought to life on your elevator.

2. Quality Material. We use the best vinyl and wrap films on the market. By using these quality materials you get the best colors and print quality, longevity, and also makes installation and removal quick and damage-free.

3. Diversified Marketing. Many corporations fall into the rut of doing the same marketing campaigns every year. The same printed materials, the same golf outing, and the same luncheon sponsorship. Elevator wraps breathe a breath of fresh air into your marketing campaign, and allow you to reach potential customers in a new way.

Do you have a promotion coming up? Do you have a message your customers or tenants aren’t receiving? Do you want to give your interior that final touch? Elevator Graphics are the creative and unique solution to answering those questions. Call Divine to transform your elevators from silver doors, to advertising campaigns.

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September 11, 2018

Mike Miller

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