At Divine Signs, we specialize in transformations. There is nothing more gratifying for us than being able to help our customers transform a wall, entrance, vehicle, or facility. The reason why signage transformations can be so impactful, is because signs represent your company in one way or another. Whether it is familiarizing people with your company branding, relaying your mission statement or values, marketing your most recent product or service, or even showing people how to navigate your building, your signage tells YOUR story. So, when that story needs to be changed, updated, or replaced, you need a signage partner who sees the value of that change.

The customer photographed above is located in the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois along one of the busiest streets in the area. THOUSANDS of vehicles pass by their church daily, and although their previous sign was serviceable, after 25 years, it was time for a transformation. We were able to design, fabricate, and install this illuminated monument sign that now sits by their main entrance. This ground sign not only gave them an updated and modern look during the day, but the high strength LED’s will create quite the impact when the sun goes down; allowing them to have visibility 24 hours a day.

Signage transformations can come in any shape and size, and can drastically improve the story you tell your customers. Are you looking for a partner who specializes in transformations? Call your friends at Divine!

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June 7, 2017


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