Trade Show Tips & Tricks

Trade Show Tips & Tricks

With Trade show season fast approaching, it is a necessity to set your company apart in 2016. A common misconception companies have is that they have to do something ludacris to pull people into their booth, when that is truly not the case. The truth is, that for a budget friendly price, you can create an eye catching, attention grabbing booth that will bring customers in.

To have successful signage at your next trade show, there are 3 important things to keep in mind.

1. Simplicity: This is the most common mistake made at a trade show. Most companies recognize the great opportunity each trade show holds, so they want to share as much information about their company as possible. Although that may seem like the smartest thing to do, you end up losing opportunities. Your signage should be short, concise, and clear. You have 15 seconds or so to draw someone in who is walking by your booth, and in that 15 seconds, if someone is overwhelmed by the amount of information they see, they will simply keep on walking. Let your signage give a snapshot, not tell the entire story; that’s what your there for!

2. Design: Well-designed signage is a must for your trade show. Our professional designers have an eye for what good signage looks like, and can give your signage that extra flair. What does a good design look like? A good design maximizes and brings to life the necessities in your branding. They tell the customer what they need to know, and do it in eye-catching fashion. Strategically placed photographs, bright and vibrant colors, strong contrast, and readable fonts, are all examples of a well-designed trade show sign.

3. Quality: Much like anything you spend your money on, with trade show displays, you get what you pay for. There is an important balance you must strike when buying trade show displays. In the trade show world, there are two extremes; cheap and unnecessary. Cheap Items will usually only last a couple of trade shows, are a nightmare to put together, and don’t get you the value for your dollar. Unnecessary items have the attractive features, and will work much smoother, but usually have unnecessary features that drive prices up. At Divine Signs we carry a wide range of products, and can find the perfect displays for your budget. We specialize in finding the displays that make sense price-wise, but last you for years to come.

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January 5, 2016


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