To Wrap, or Not to Wrap?

In recent years we have noticed, and been a part of, the increased interest and popularity in the wrapping craze that is sweeping through the sign and graphics industry. Not only are people realizing that they can wrap or put graphics on their personal and commercial vehicles, but they are also beginning to realize the usefulness of printed graphics in many other applications. As we have mentioned in previous posts, wraps/graphics can be used on vehicles, walls, kiosks, elevators, glass/windows, and almost surface you can think of! When you combine the versatility of surfaces that a wrap can be applied to, with the limitless design capabilities of printed media, there is no end to what can you do with wraps!

But now that Wraps have become more popular, and can be used is so many different applications, the question is posed, “When is a Wrap the smartest choice?”. Although wraps are incredibly useful, there are a few scenarios in which wrapping something makes the most sense.

  • When Creativity is Key: Because wraps can be designed digitally, the amount of detail and creativity you can include is amazing. If you have a marketing idea that includes complex shapes, intricate design, or vibrant colors, a wrap is most likely your best bet!
  • When “Temporary” is Key: When we make a change to something, it is relieving to know that we can restore it to its original state. In our businesses, so many things can change over the course of time. It is not uncommon for logos to come and go, promotions to end, services we provide to change, pricing points to increase or decrease, and the list goes on. Let’s take a commercial vehicle for example. Most of the time companies buy and sell their commercial vehicles on a semi-consistent basis, and want their resell value to be high. If you spend thousands of dollars on a custom paint job for your commercial vehicle, the only way to restore it to its original state, is to paint it again! When you wrap a vehicle, not only can these graphics be removed when they need to change or the vehicle is being sold, but they actually PROTECT your paint underneath!
  • When Value is Key: Wraps are a phenomenal way to get the most bang for your buck! Not only do graphic wraps leave an impressive impression, but they can also be friendly to your checkbook. Compared to other forms of marketing, wraps are far more cost effective than the alternative. Want more specific facts? Call and ask a member of our team!

October 20, 2016


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