Tips and Tricks for Retail Signage

Tips and Tricks for Retail Signage

Tips and Tricks for Retail Signage

Congratulations! You just signed the lease on your new retail space, and you’re thrilled about the new business that will be coming your way. One of the most exciting parts about operating out of a retail space is the high volume of traffic that passes by your location. Most retail spaces have both foot traffic, and vehicle traffic that passes by their building on a daily basis. Now that you have your new space, the big questions is, how should your structure and design your signage to bring all that traffic through your doors?

The most effective way to structure your signage is by following the Divine Signs K.Y.S.S model. Keep Your Signage Simple!!!! The customer above is a perfect example of effective signage. When you drive by their location, it is crystal clear that this store is all about soccer. Soccer is what their current customers know them for, and soccer is what they want their potential customers to know them for.

At 45 mph, someone driving by only has a few seconds to see your message. If our customer above ONLY put “European Sports” on their building, there would most certainly be a level of confusion. Although “SOCCER” is not the name of their company, they realized they would draw people in with soccer, and they would soon learn their company name.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want my signage to just say my company’s name? Or do I want my signage to drum up business? Contact our talented staff, and we can come up with a creative solution to promote your brand, and attract business at your retail space.

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January 19, 2016


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