Signage is a mandatory necessity for every special event. Whether it is a Golf Outing or Banquet, signage can play a large role in making your event a special one. We know that planning and organizing special events is no easy task. As the event planner, your goal is for all of the parties involved to have an enjoyable experience, and to leave excited about attending your next event. Here are 3 main ways signage can add tremendous value to your special event.

Direction: As simple and straightforward as it may seem, people need to know where to go! There is nothing more confusing and frustrating than being at an event, and not knowing where to go or where you should be. A few simple signs can make the difference between mass confusion, and smooth sailing.

Branding: Now that everyone knows where to go, you want them to know just who put on this event. Special events are a perfect time to get your brand awareness up. Every sign, giveaway, and promotional material should have your logo on it. This is how YOU benefit from your special event.

Happy Sponsors: Sponsors play a huge role in many special events. These companies or individuals have donated time and resources to make your event possible. Signage is the perfect way to get your sponsors the recognition they deserve. Take a golf outing for example. Golf outings can have 20-30 different sponsors that all need to be recognized. Hole Sponsor signs, sponsor banners, and large sponsor boards are just a few ways to get your sponsors seen and recognized.

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July 31, 2017

Jeff Miller

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