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About Banners

The product “banner” is one of the broadest categories of signage of all the products we offer at Divine Signs. Over the years we have used different types of banners in hundreds of different applications. Banners can be made of many different materials, for many different applications. Banners can be used indoors or outdoors, at grand openings or trade shows, for temporary or permanent use, and the list goes on.

For every application, there is a banner or banner material that can used. At Divine Signs, we can print and produce custom banners of any shape and size. We have done a simple 2’ x 4’ temporary banner, or massive prints over 1,600 square feet! As you can see, we could go on all day about banners, but let’s narrow it down.

Mesh Fence Banner During Construction Project

Now that we have established that banners can be used in almost every signage application, let’s focus on one in particular. The customer above is a church who was building a new church for their ministry. As we all know, with construction, comes an ugly construction fence. This church saw this fence as an opportunity, and decided they wanted to tell the community what they were up to, while getting their name out there.

We helped this company print and produce this mesh fence banner, to tell their construction story, and put their name out there for walkers to see. We decided to go with banner mesh, because we know the customer would be building for months to come.

Mesh is the perfect material for fence banners because it allows wind to pass through them, and when wind can pass through a banner, it put’s less stress on the material, creating a longer lasting outdoor application. As can be seen, the mesh banner still holds vibrant colors, but the tiny holes allow air to pass through.

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Whether you have a fence going up, or are in one of the many situations where a banner is needed, call your one stop shop for all things Banners at 847-534-9220.

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January 7, 2016


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