Sign School: Sandblasted Signs

Sign School: Sandblasted Signs

There is nothing more artistic or nostalgic than a sandblasted sign. The intricate detail, carved wood, and vibrant colors make for an excellent “Old Town” feel. This unique look makes these signs excellent for a variety of settings. These signs can be commonly seen in historical districts, bed & breakfasts, classic restaurants, and a variety of other places! Certain villages will even designate an area of their city as a “historical district”, mandating all signage be fabricated as a sandblasted sign.

Although all my sandblasted signs may appear to be fabricated using wood, there are actually 2 main types of sandblasted signs that you can choose from:

Wood: Wood is the original material that sandblasted signs are fabricated from. Sandblasted signs are typically made from laminated woods like Cedar or Redwood, and can be painted to match your companies color scheme. Wood has a rustic look and feel, that can’t be matched by any other material. Although wood is an excellent choice, it does tend to wear down over time, and will typically need to be re-painted throughout its lifetime. Wood is also susceptible to weather. When wood signs get older it is common to see the sign become warped, cracked/worn down, or faded.

HDU: HDU, or High-Density Urethane, is another material that Sandblasted Signs can be fabricated from. This engineered material is the “new age” of sandblasted signs. Signs made from HDU do not crack, warp, or bow, and have a much lighter curb weight than wood. If you are looking for longevity and practicality, HDU may be your best option.

****Both Wood and HDU are priced comparably****

If you are looking for a Sandblasted Sign in the Northwest Suburbs, call your friends at Divine! Whether it's Wood or HDU, we do it all!

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February 15, 2019

Mike Miller

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