Neon Signs or LED Signs

Neon Signs or LED Signs

Neon Signs or LED Signs

KNOWLEDGE is power, and here at Divine, we want to supply you with all the information you need, from our experience in the Sign Industry, so you can make the smartest sign choice for your company.

When the time comes to add a new illuminated sign for your business, you are typically presented with two options for lighting your sign: Neon lighting or LED lighting. From our experience, LED signs are far superior to Neon signs in almost every category.

LED's are the future...

Although Neon lighted signs have been used for almost a century, there has been a significant shift to LED lighted signs in our industry. This shift has occurred for a number of reasons:

1. Maintenance: Neon Tubes take a significant more amount of maintenance than an LED lighted sign. Neon tubes occasionally have to be refilled with the gasses it takes to light them, and are fairly inconsistent in their ability to stay lit. LED’s take little-to-no maintenance, and last significantly longer than Neon.

2. Power Usage/Environmentalism: LED signs and displays use 5-10 times less power than its Neon counterpart. This leads to a far more efficient, and cost effective sign. Neon signs are also easily broken. When neon tubes break, they release and leak harmful gasses, whereas LED’s do not.

3. Price: Although initial prices are usually similar in cost, LED signs do come in at 5-10% cheaper than Neon signs.

4. Brightness: LED signs are significantly brighter than Neon signs. They present a much cleaner and crisper light, and can be seen from farther distances.
***Facts/Figures from AdaptiveDisplays***

Overall, the signage industry has moved away from Neon signage. Although there is still a market for Neon signage, LED’s have become the #1 choice for signage companies throughout the country.

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February 5, 2016


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