Meet the Staff Volume 3: Production Team

A sign company can design the most beautiful signage, sell a billion dollars worth of signs, but without a talented production and installation team, you’re nowhere. At Divine Signs we are blessed to have an extremely talented and experienced production and installation team.

Our production team is in charge of producing, building, and installing all of the signage projects that come through our shop. This group has produced, built, and installed millions of dollars worth of signs, and has worked on some extremely high profile projects.

Shawn Wilson, our Director of Production & Installation, leads this team on a daily basis.

Here is our team from RIGHT to LEFT:

-Shawn Wilson (Director, 3M Certified Installer)
-Joe Caporale (Production/Installation)
-Pat Latendresse (Production/Installation)
-Keith French (Production/Installation, Avery Certified Installer)
-Kyle Botsford (Production/Installation)
-Brad Kruse (Shop Manager)
-Matt Stachula (Production, Printer Coordinator)

January 15, 2016


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