Large Scale Corporate Conference

Large Scale Corporate Conference

Large Scale Corporate Conference

Large scale corporate conferences are so much fun for us at Divine, because our customers get to experience and take advantage of our full capabilities. Our customer photographed above is one of the fastest growing payroll companies in the nation, and every year has a conference to celebrate their clients, and train their employees. It was our pleasure to be the signage supplier for this event, and help our customer celebrate their success and brand their large scale event.

This project was another example of being able to help our customer from the idea-phase of a project, to the installed product. There are 5 steps to every project, which helps to ensure success.

1. Initial Site Survey/Customer Meeting: This phase of the project is not only the first phase to take place, but the most vital phase of all the steps. This step allows you to meet with your customer face-to-face, walk the space where the event is taking place, capture their vision, and understand how you can help to bring that vision to fruition.

2. Proofing and Design: After we have a grip on what the customer wants to see, our talented design team gets to work. There are times where we have artwork prepared by the customer in advance, but most times, and for this project specifically, our designers create the signage based off of a concept. When given creative freedom, they can do incredible things. This process takes a lot of back and forth with the customer, but after the tweaks and revisions are made, it is time to produce!

3. Production: Production is the point of the project where the printers are humming, and the production team is hard at work. This step is where designs come to life, and turn into the finished product.

4. Installation: This point of the project is where all of the previous steps come together for the finished product. For a large scale project like this, installation is coordinated weeks in advance, and must not only be approved by the customer, but must also be approved by the hotel/location staff. Event installation oftentimes have odd hours, because you need to fit into an existing schedule. Because of events before and after our client’s, we began at 5:30pm the night before the event, and worked until 2am!

5. Removal: Although you may think installation would be the last step, the signs won’t come down on their own! This is where our install team removes all of the signage after a successful event.

As stated previously we were able to pull out all the stops to help our customer effectively brand their event. From entrance and window graphics, registration signage, interior wall graphics, elevator and conference door wraps, floor graphics, were just a few of the products we were able to print, produce, and install for our customer. Big event coming up? You know who to call!

*****Visit this link to see the complete project! Paylocity Client Conference Photo Link*****

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January 14, 2016


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