KIOSKS: We Can Wrap Anything!

KIOSKS: We Can Wrap Anything!

If you are from the Chicagoland area, chances are you have heard of Woodfield Mall. Woodfield Mall is one of the nation’s largest shopping malls, and has a very healthy Kiosk storefront population. All throughout their mall, these mobile Kiosks sell an assortment of different products. It is not uncommon to see these Kiosks selling products such as mini helicopters and drones, phone cases, paintings, hair care products, and so many other specialty items.

These kiosks have two unique challenges that make marketing and branding their company very tricky.

  • They only have the confinements of their cart to market their business.
  • Unlike large stores that have much more room to advertise, they are confined to the kiosk. They have to get very creative with where and how they can brand their “store”.
  • Once their lease is up, they have to return the kiosk in the perfect condition.
  • This also creates a challenge when branding and marketing your kiosk. With drywall, holes can be patched, and paint can be fixed fairly easily and inexpensively. But damage to a kiosk can cause result in steep fines.

One of the best solutions to these two challenges is to WRAP the kiosk! Not only can full color graphics be applied directly to the surfaces on your kiosk, but they can be removed damaged free! This gives kiosk stores a SAFE and EYE-CATCHING way to brand and market their store! Need a creative way to brand your location? Call your friends at Divine! Kiosk Wraps are just one solution we can provide!

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February 27, 2019

Mike Miller

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